Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Pushing Present

Up until a family member mentioned this I have to say it is something I have never heard of, I assume it's normal for the father to buy flowers for the new mum but a present dedicated to the actual birthing process was a whole new concept.  Of course with baby due in two days this appeals to me, who doesn't want a gift, but I can see how this could spiral into a new over the top trend.  

Fortunately for my other half I don't have overly expensive taste, the thought of someone spending thousands on a piece of jewellery that has the potential of falling down the plug hole or getting lost in the abyss of a newborns nappy rubbish terrifies me, so I have given him a few suggestions of lower priced items that would cheer me up when the pain of pushing a tiny human out of my hooha is still fresh in my mind! 

Now for the cynics out there I know that he has already given me an amazing gift - a little person to nurture and share our lives with blah blah, but really 9 months of sickness, heartburn, permanent changes to my body, searing pain of labour (I could go on and on with this list) whilst he get to watch from the sidelines with a glass of rum, rare steak and runny eggs means I deserve some kind of materialistic reward at the end of it all.

I have to say the subscription to Slimming World and a Belly Bandit would be for his benefit too, I'm pretty certain listening to me complain at how much of a chunk I've become is wearing thin.  The jewellery is a more traditional option of what I have heard a pushing present should be.

What do you think of the idea of getting a present for giving birth, do you have any suggestions of gifts I could add to the list?

Michelle x

Monday, 9 February 2015

Bump Break

Anyone that follows Jelly Button on any of the social media sites you may have seen the store has been temporarily closed whilst I have a baby! Just typing that is completely terrifying, I'm not ready to grow up!! 

I left it till I was 37 weeks to shut the shop and have just posted the final few orders that came in the days before, so if you didn't get the chance to order I'm afraid it is too late now, I'm literally ready to pop any day!

To keep myself occupied I've been crafting lots of bits for the nursery which has lead me to creating a wish list of things I want for the finishing touches.  If anyone knows of any smaller brands that do awesome baby bits please leave a comment! 

Michelle x