Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Proper Yum

 First of all I apologise for the title, it sounds like something you would hear on Jeremy Kyle. Secondly I have some good news, a new competition YAY!!

I hope you're not all bored of competitions, I myself love hosting them AND entering them.  It all started when my brother won an Ipad AND a £500 voucher in the space of a few weeks, and now I'm hooked. Whilst he is relaxing after work and browsing the internet he enters a couple of competitions, and for some reason he is super lucky, this spurred me on and after months of nothing I finally won something.  Now one of the hidden gems in my Elle goody bag was the popcorn, not what you would first expect but a pleasant surprise.

Anyone who read the old blog would remember I started a dieting one (Jelly Belly Diet) now for a million different reasons I couldn't carry on with this, however after re-gaining a stone following a change in medication I am back on the diet but in a more private way.  However I am happy to say that the bag of Propercorn I won has made this struggle a lot easier.  I'm not saying that only those looking to lose weight will enjoy them, but at  less than 100 calories per bag they are a much better option than other snacks.  If like me you have the initial assumption that anything other than sweet or toffee popcorn is blatantly wrong i urge you to give them a try... Full of flavour in a bag that seems to last forever. 

Now onto the interesting bit, the lovely people over at Propercorn have given me a months supply to give to one lucky competition winner.  All you have to do is enter via the form below.  Good luck!!

What do you mean I'm not Prom King?

Well as you will already know from reading Michelle's blog post, I unfortunately did not win the coveted title of Prom King, which is something I am slowly coming to terms with. All in all the night was a roaring success. Ben Hiard deserves a round of applause for making Pop Bubble Rock in to one of the best nights out in Manchester!

We did decide to go all out for the prom theme. Michelle's creativity never ceases to amaze me, and, although a little hesitant at first, I found myself loving the bow tie she made.

I guess I also owe thanks to the lovely ladies from two sets of florists. The first, although unable to make the corsage, was extremely helpful and gave me some lovely little items, which turned in to a ladybird wand and matching earrings. And the second made the beautiful corsage that thankfully managed to make it through the night in one piece, well almost!
As an honorary member of the family it seem inevitable that Michelle would attend my dad's birthday celebration meal. The entertainment was rather exciting as you can see.
We had a very entertaining time at Rozafa, which is a lovely Greek in Manchester city centre. It sure brought back memories of our holiday last year in Sami, Kefalonia.
There is little left to say apart from that fact that Prom was EPIC, and next time I intend on winning!

Take care,

Neil x

p.s. I always thought I looked too young to be King anyway!

Prom Queen and my Prince Charming

So anyone who follows either JBJ or Cherry on Facebook/Instagram etc. will be aware that myself and Neil recently attended a club night Prom.  This is my favourite club night EVER and I always throw myself into dressing up for the occasion.  Since my own real Prom was over 10 years ago (oh dear now I feel old mature) I loved making the little extras to make my outfit stand out.

I wore one of my much loved Viviene Of Holloway dresses, and made a headband and earrings to match.  I already had the fabric in the ladybird print to make hair bows and wraps so was able to create a matching bow tie for Neil, doesn't he look dapper.  I have included a photo of one of our friends who I also made a little something for, a glitter bow tie.

Now here's the important bit... I WON :)

Unfortunately Neil wasn't my King, but since he was very much a gentleman and bought me a gorgeous corsage he was my Prince Charming.  I have included a couple of the photos from the night, but please be aware we had both drank way too much wine at this point after celebrating a family meal (Neils Dad but my adopted family - not that they know this yet)

In other news the winner of the Easter prize has been selected and contacted, it was someone with the fab name of Mickey Ricketts!! Keep your eyes pealed because there will be a new competition this week :)

I'm sure Neil will do a blog soon on his side of our fab night!

Michelle xx

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Small Steps: Tiny Feet

Well in the spirit of being a blogger I thought perhaps it might be time to branch out in to the world of fashion.  But unlike the seasoned pro I'm clearly a novice; I thought it would be best to start with something small, hence the idea of small steps.  I took inspiration from my recent purchases and thought why not discuss my new bargain footwear and the issues I have due to my tiny feet.

On first glance people tend not to notice your foot size, unless they have some sort of fetish - YUCK!  However, when you start secondary school in a men's size 2 it becomes apparent quite quickly that you're on the small side.  Like most I had a growth spurt and my "plates of meat" went up one size each academic year, plateauing at an acceptable size 7.  In recent years, however, my feet have started to shrink OR the whole world is mislabeling footwear sizes, which I find a little bit of a stretch - no pun intended!

I do like footwear, whether it be shoes, trainers or flip-flops, but I do slightly begrudge paying so much for something, especially in my case, so small.  At times I wish they'd shrink a little more and then I could legitimately wear children's shoes and pay far less.  Unfortunately, however, I'm stuck in a size 6, and that is a cross I'm willing to bare.

Being a size 6 has its advantages: there aren't as many people that wear that size so sometimes you can luck out with getting a popular shoe which has sold out in more typical sizes.  Although the reverse of that is most shops hold very little stock in such atypical sizes.

One shop that I do like is TK Maxx.  Not only does it have a selection of brands at usually affordable prices, it also has shoes out on the shop floor that are organised by size.  Therefore there are no awkward moments where you have to ask for a shoe is your size - I've had some quizzical looks before!

The other day I managed to bag two pairs of Ralph Lauren trainers.  The first was a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Chancery canvas plimsolls.  They are a classic style of trainer in white cotton canvas with navy detailing.  I'd class them as a highly wearable and everyday type of trainer that would look good with most things.  I paid a bargain price of £29.99, which compared to the £65.00 ASOS is asking for is a steal!

My second purchase was a pair of Ralph Lauren Lander boat shoes. This pair came in a vibrate green, and I couldn't leave them on the shelf as I classed them as a necessary addition to my wardrobe.  I can only hope that the weather brightens and I get a chance to strut these around town, or ideally on the boardwalk of some sunny holiday destination!  These also cost me only £29.99. Ralph Lauren are selling them at £40.00, and Selfridges are charging a whopping £75.00 for the same exact pair.

Well that's about it for my first 'fashion' post.  Any feedback is welcome, and please let me know that you think of my purchases!


Neil x

Monday, 18 February 2013

Butterfly Safari

After such an unusual day yesterday I felt compelled to write a blog post, and I hope you like it!

The day started like any other, and I was simply supposed to be meeting a friend for lunch. However, rather than stay local we decided to head to Lancaster, somewhere I've never been before. My friend gave me a little tour of where she used to live and study. Then things took a turn for the strange but also remarkable.

To say my friend likes butterflies would be an understatement, and I'd always wondered where this obsession began. But after a trip to Williamson Park's Butterfly House I can kind of understand. Although quite small and extremely hot – it's like a sauna – the butterfly house is rather magical.

For I time I felt like I was on safari, stalking my pray through the underbrush. Yet instead of shooting them with a gun, a camera (iPhone) was my weapon of choice.  

I hope the photographs I've taken give you a little glimpse of how special this place is.

I forgot to mention they also had terrapins too!

Oh and there was a sign that said that you were not meant to touch the butterflies; clearly this little one didn't agree!

Take care,

Neil x

p.s. Thanks Laura for taking me on such a special day out!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Half Term Treat

It has been ages since I've done a promotion for JBJ, and Cherry has NEVER had one!! Keeping this in mind we have decided to do one for both :) so for the rest of the weekend AND all of next week we will be offering a massive 10% off all Cherry orders and 15% off all JBJ orders, PLUS every order from either site will include a FREE bracelet.  

So head over now and don't forget to use your code during checkout!! 

Friday, 15 February 2013


Yay Friday is here, although that doesn't mean much to me as I am working on orders this weekend, luckily I love my job so everyday is like Friday :)

A lot of people have been asking about the Creme Egg and it is finally up on the site here, apologies for the picture I will be taking a better one and replacing ASAP.  If you would rather try your chances of winning one, scroll down for the Easter competition.

Finally I thought I would share a picture of my dog sporting her new American Apparel hoodie which is perfect for keeping her warm during those snowy walks, and also a picture of the headband I created for mine and Neil's next night out. 

Lots of Love Michelle xx

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Egg-cellent Competition

I know, I know, lame title but it made me smile.  Competitions seem like the best way to promote and get our business name out there at the moment, so do your bit for the small businesses by entering this competition and sharing it with all your friends.  Up for grabs is an Easter themed selection of goodies, some edible and some not.  If you are the lucky winner you will get 12 Creme Eggs (yes that's right a dozen eggs) a Creme Egg necklace (not edible incase the first 12 didn't satisfy that chocolate craving) a bunny ring and finally an adorable handmade (not by me, although it's a craft I want to learn) chick which fits perfectly over an egg.

Good Luck

Michelle & Neil xx

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I give you an onion – really?

Let me begin by wishing you all a happy Valentine's.  Whether you're celebrating together or apart, it is the time to make the most of that special person in your life.  Hopefully he or she has exceeded all expectations and made this truly a day to remember.

As your other half has probably given you all the traditional things: a card, flowers and probably a present, there is little left that I can offer.  However, I thought a poem would be something we could all enjoy.  I've racked my brain for something good, but it was a difficult task. I thought about perhaps Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy, but that takes me back to being 16 years old and studying GCSE English, which perhaps is something best forgotten.  I know some adore great Shakespearian sonnets where others prefer a short verse, yet I felt this modern take by Wendy Cope (taken from the Telegraph) just fit the bill:

Text messages for Valentine's Day

February’s cold & grey/ &, all in all, a bummer./ B my valentine 2today/ & turn it in2 summer.

I told u this last year/ I’ll tell u next year 2:?/My valentine, my dear,/ My heart belongs 2 u.

Known u a while. Is it 2 L8/ 2 tell u that I think you’re gr8??/ You’re sucha special friend of mine,/ I want 2 b yr valentine.

U r such a star. U shine./ I love 2 gaze at u./ If u will b my valentine,/ You’ll c me shining 2.

My heart and mind agree?/& this is what they say:/ U r the one 4 me/ 2day and every day.

Finally, I hope you have a magical day filled with love and laughter.

Neil x

Duvet Day Reading

Is everyone snowed in like I am :) I'm not one of those people who moan about the white stuff, probably because I work for myself so if I get snowed in I know my boss won't go mad.

The perfect way to spend the day is to make a hot brew, snuggle up with a pet (or a teddy if you don't have one) and read this blog JBJ has been mentioned in. 

I will be offering the readers a special discount code so make sure to check back when it's live!!

Stay safe and warm

Michelle xx

P.S The JBJ Facebook is playing up, don't worry I am hoping to have it sorted later today/tomorrow

P.P.S If you have forgotten to buy your loved one a present (it's Valentines Day tomorrow remember) make it up to them by spoiling them with something from Cherry Rainbow.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Congratulations and Celebrations

The competition has finally ended and the winner is.....( drumroll please)

Nikytta Patel

Well done you :) an email has been sent and the prizes will be on their way to you shortly.

Now the congratulations has been done, it is time for the celebrations.  Valentines is of course fast approaching so in-case you have bought that loved one a piece of jewellery (JBJ I hope!!) I have found an adorable and FREE downloadable template for a cute box.  They are so sweet and I will be definately be making some to store bits of stationery in! If you want to make your own head here for the download.

 Michelle  xx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My Fair Dady

Well it seems like an age since there was a blog post, but no need to worry I'm back. Michelle and I have been hard at work – more her than me – in preparation for the recent vintage and craft fair we attended on Sunday. To say she worked herself to the limit is probably an understatement as I doubt I would be able to even function with such little sleep, but it's safe to say that all that effort really paid off.

Unlike recent events we've attended, this time Michelle was involved with arranging the event along with some other lovely ladies – that's you Adele and Gemma! The gang managed to do a fantastic job and I'd say it was a success; hopefully all those who attended would agree

This crafty crew – a potential new nickname? – managed to also wangle a number of local businesses in to handing over a selection of prizes that all were raffled off in aid of charity: all proceeds are to go to Dr Kershaw's Hospice. I'm happy to say the raffle raised over a hundred pounds, which demonstrates how generous everyone was. We owe a big thank you to all those local businesses that donated such brilliant prizes.

Take care,

Neil x

P.S. Lets hope there's another 'Make, do and re-trend' event soon!

What's been happening...

Sorry I've been a bit quiet over the past few days, I've reacted badly to a new medication so have been a bit off colour.  However despite this myself and Neil still managed to have a fantastic time at a local fair. Here are some pics of the stall :) 

Neil will probably kill me for posting this but how adorable does he look in his glitter bow hehe

I'm now off to catch up on orders and reply to emails, please be patient I will be back on form tomorrow!!

Michelle xx