Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Small Steps: Tiny Feet

Well in the spirit of being a blogger I thought perhaps it might be time to branch out in to the world of fashion.  But unlike the seasoned pro I'm clearly a novice; I thought it would be best to start with something small, hence the idea of small steps.  I took inspiration from my recent purchases and thought why not discuss my new bargain footwear and the issues I have due to my tiny feet.

On first glance people tend not to notice your foot size, unless they have some sort of fetish - YUCK!  However, when you start secondary school in a men's size 2 it becomes apparent quite quickly that you're on the small side.  Like most I had a growth spurt and my "plates of meat" went up one size each academic year, plateauing at an acceptable size 7.  In recent years, however, my feet have started to shrink OR the whole world is mislabeling footwear sizes, which I find a little bit of a stretch - no pun intended!

I do like footwear, whether it be shoes, trainers or flip-flops, but I do slightly begrudge paying so much for something, especially in my case, so small.  At times I wish they'd shrink a little more and then I could legitimately wear children's shoes and pay far less.  Unfortunately, however, I'm stuck in a size 6, and that is a cross I'm willing to bare.

Being a size 6 has its advantages: there aren't as many people that wear that size so sometimes you can luck out with getting a popular shoe which has sold out in more typical sizes.  Although the reverse of that is most shops hold very little stock in such atypical sizes.

One shop that I do like is TK Maxx.  Not only does it have a selection of brands at usually affordable prices, it also has shoes out on the shop floor that are organised by size.  Therefore there are no awkward moments where you have to ask for a shoe is your size - I've had some quizzical looks before!

The other day I managed to bag two pairs of Ralph Lauren trainers.  The first was a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Chancery canvas plimsolls.  They are a classic style of trainer in white cotton canvas with navy detailing.  I'd class them as a highly wearable and everyday type of trainer that would look good with most things.  I paid a bargain price of £29.99, which compared to the £65.00 ASOS is asking for is a steal!

My second purchase was a pair of Ralph Lauren Lander boat shoes. This pair came in a vibrate green, and I couldn't leave them on the shelf as I classed them as a necessary addition to my wardrobe.  I can only hope that the weather brightens and I get a chance to strut these around town, or ideally on the boardwalk of some sunny holiday destination!  These also cost me only £29.99. Ralph Lauren are selling them at £40.00, and Selfridges are charging a whopping £75.00 for the same exact pair.

Well that's about it for my first 'fashion' post.  Any feedback is welcome, and please let me know that you think of my purchases!


Neil x

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