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No one likes writing about themselves so we've decided to do a twist and write a little bit about each other.  Fingers crossed we both come out of this okay or our business, and more importantly our friendship, could be over!


 What is there to say about Michelle... well I guess to me she's a great friend!  She's been there through thick and thin, and I know I can rely on her (well most of the time).

Her taste in music is a little more 'unique' than mine, and that is why she drags me along to the more obscure nights in and around Manchester, such as her favourite: Pop Bubble Rock!  But that's not to say I haven't grown to both embrace and love it too.

Fashion wise she definitely knows how to work her assets, if you know what I mean *wink, wink*.  But honestly she can rock a retro style with a quirky modern edge that leaves most men, and women, in awe.  She also has an ever growing collection of tattoos and piercings, some of which I wasn't too keen on at first.

As a business woman she's second to none.  I've never known anyone to work the kind of hours she does, and she puts 100% effort in to everything she does.  From the superb quality of her jewellery to the care and precision she takes when wrapping orders, this girl epitomises the phrase 'The Devil's in the detail.'

I guess the best way to put it is she's FAB, and if you're lucky enough to know her you should be able to see how special this young (for now) lady is!

Neil x


Well the first thing to say about Neil is that he will probably find about a million grammatical errors within this (sometimes I do it on purpose to wind him up.)  Secondly I have to say he is the best friend a girl could ever need.

I find that sometimes being friends with girls can lead to bitchiness, back stabbing insults and general nastiness; however, being friends with Neil avoids ALL these issues.  We can be completely honest (pretty much) with each other, and say what we really think to each others face... this results in some fab nicknames for each other ;)

Anyone who has seen Neil in person (or even in one of our many drunken photos) will know he always makes an effort in his appearance.  Whether it is coordinating a bow tie to match my dress, or wearing matching boxers and socks he can always be seen as being 'dapper'.

Neil commented on my musical taste so I have one word to say which sums his up... DISNEY.  That's right he loves a sing-along, and whether it's cheesy 80s or my heavier rarrrr rarrrrr stuff he will always be seen mouthing along.

Overall he is a pretty amazing guy, and a total BABE (hehe, we both HATE that word).

Michelle xx

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