Friday, 31 May 2013

WIN Front Cover Make up Set

It's that time again.... competition time YAY!! 

For your chance to win a Front Cover Make up Set worth £20 just enter the rafflecopter form below.  

I will as always include some Jelly Button & Cherry Rainbow pieces too! 

Michelle xx

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Remember me? Photo heavy post - be warned!

I'm back!!! Sorry it has been so long since I've posted, I'm sure Neil kept you all entertained in my absence.  Aside from being crazy busy with orders and new stock I have also been burning tanning myself in sunny Cuba for my big brother's wedding.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen what I wore for the big event, I cant help my addiction to sweets!  I would put pictures of the bride and groom but I doubt they would be too happy being plastered over the internet, but they looked wonderful anyway.

The lovely dress was made for me by Katy of Vintage By Cupcake, she was also kind enough to loan me some dresses for the Jelly Button photoshoot I did a few months back (I will hopefully be putting some of the pics on the main page of the site within the next few weeks).

In other news I have only just gotten round to selecting a winner for the competition, it is.......drumroll......Jamie Robinson. WOOOO YAYY CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

And finally, have you all seen me in Mizz magazine AGAIN? Apparantly I'm the next big thing ;)

I think that's me updated, make sure you check out both websites for new products and I will end this post with a few of my Cuba snapshots.

Michelle xx

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sneak peek at our new stock!

Well we did mention a while ago that we were awaiting the arrival of some particularly cute new stock for Cherry Rainbow.  Thankfully it's arrived and Michelle is using her amazing technical skills to get them uploaded to the site ASAP!  But here's a sneak peek at some of the uber cute things you'll now find online.

These darling plushies are just adorable, what else can I say? Check them out here.

If you're a stationary freak like me and Michelle you'll love these.  They're a great addition to any schoolbag, handbag, man bag or tote!  Check them out here.

Speaking of tote bags, why not grab one of these eco-friendly and super cute bags?  Perfect for all occasions, they're durable, sturdy and ultra fab! Check them out here.

Well folks that's just some of the exciting new products we're now selling, and more will be appearing shortly so keep your eyes peeled!

Take care,

Neil x

Monday, 27 May 2013

I love my satchels... or should that be Zatchels?

As many of you will undoubtedly know already, I was one of many who took advantage of the amazing Zatchels 50% off birthday sale.  To be honest I'd been after a satchel for some time but I couldn't decide what style, colour or even brand I fancied.  Thankfully Zatchels appeared at the right time and everything worked out for the best.  Michelle already owned a few Zatchels bags and seemed really happy with their style and quality, which is a big plus.  When I saw the sale was coming up I felt it was definitely the right time to invest in some quality man bags, and with 50% off it seemed like a sign - 50% means you're supposed to buy two right?

My first pick was the black 14.5" classic satchel (see here).  It felt like the obvious choice as black is versatile and ultimately chic.  Size wise I thought the 14.5" would be best as it'd be able to fit most of my essentials, such as an A4 pad and macbook, along with my other bits and bobs.  Seeing as thought I classed it as an investment piece I opted for the strap slider for comfort; I also chose to go for the handle, which makes it that much more masculine.  You also get a detachable strap when you opt for the handle, and therefore it can be used as more of a briefcase if you wanted to use it in a more formal setting, say for work etc.

The bag is great quality; the leather is both luxurious and durable.  I particularly like the silver detailing with the nickel buckles and clasps on the detachable strap.  Hopefully it'll add to that professional look I'm going for.

I found choosing a second bag a little more difficult.  If you've looked at the Zatchels site (see here) you'll know there are endless options in many different styles, colours, patterns and textured finishes.  However, I'm a sucker for the finer things in life so the 'Executive Collection' caught my eye straight away (see here).  After having a look through I justified it as a birthday present to myself that I could use as an overnight bag, say for that odd break away from the city, or more likely to it!  Once I had that in mind I thought it made more sense to choose the 17.5" option - go BIG or go home!  Also as I'd already bought one bag in black I thought it best to go for the brown option.

You can definitely feel the quality when it comes to the Executive satchel.  The leather is fabulous quality, and the textured finish and patina exude luxury.  With bold brass detailing on the buckles and clasp it definitely looks the part and I feel rather dapper strutting around with it over my shoulder.  The bigger size was definitely the right decision and I can't wait to pack it up and head out on some adventure; whether in the city or country I think this bag will definitely look the part.

Both bags came with cloth bags to keep them in and authentication certificates.  I found it a little odd but rather cute as I've never had either before.  I guess it's all part of the Zatchels experience, but it definitely made them seem that bit more special.

Overall I'm really glad I bought these satchels, and although it may have taken a little time for them to arrive - no criticism of Zatchels who did a fantastic job under the circumstances - they were definitely worth the wait!

Take care,

Neil x

Friday, 17 May 2013

Birthday wish list

So it's just one month until my birthday - yes put the 17th June in your diary!  On that fateful day I will turn 27 and edge that bit closer to 30 (what a scary thought?)  Michelle will undoubtedly relish this as I'll be the older one again... for all of three months.  But I'm sure we'll celebrate it in style and mourn my youth as it seems to slowly ebb away.  I'll just have to hang on to the fact I look younger than I am (please do not ruin this delusion!)

I've never written a wish list before because honestly I don't have the patience.  I generally shop with no particular purpose and just pick up things that catch my eye.  I tend to find, if I go out shopping with something in mind I inevitably can't find what I'm looking for.  There are the odd occasions, however, where I have to take some time to think about what I want, such as for my birthday; in effect I'm expected to write a wish list for my family.  Therefore, I thought why not make it in to a blog post so that everyone can see what I'm hoping for.

Here are a selection of things I'd love to receive; although some items have already been purchased - this is what happens when your parents abandon you for your birthday and swan off on some fabulous holiday, and therefore have to buy presents ridiculously far in advance!

Brown Twin Pocket Executive Satchel from Zatchels - It's a present to myself which I snapped up when Zatchels had their 50% off birthday promotion.  Their birthday; my birthday, it was clearly meant to be!

Mid Wash Denim Western Jacket from Topman - Thanks Mum and Dad for this fab jacket!  You'll definitely see me sporting this beauty all summer long.

Grey Comic Hi Roll T-Shirt from Topman - My sister picked this fab tee up in the sale for me - who says Michelle is the only one who can pull off comic book print?

Jean Paul Gaultier 'Le Beau Male' - Michelle is taking advantage of her holiday and duty free! I got this message the other day, 'Got you the new Jean Paul :)'.

Wooden Bead And Cord Multi Bracelet Pack from Matalan - Wristycuffs are here to stay and this fab set in oxblood is pretty cheap at £4.00.

Tie Bar from ASOS - I love ties, what do I need to say?

Frankie brogue tan white leather from Office - Another thing to add to the I-don't-really-need-but-would-love list!

Well they're just a few things that I've had my eye on.  I'm not expecting them all but it's nice to know I'll definitely be getting some of them!

Neil x

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


It sure has been a while so you'll have to forgive me *sympathetic look*.  Life has been a little hectic of late, and now Michelle has headed off on holiday to Cuba - YES I'M JEALOUS - leaving me to look after the business, blog and her lovely pets!  Thankfully Dodge (the dog) and Wolowitz (the hamster) have settled in well; to be honest my parents were ridiculously excited about them coming to stay.

Back to the business at hand, for a long time I've been one of those guys - I don't know where this Americanism has sprung from but using it definitely makes me feel cool - that finds wearing jewellery, in any form, rather peculiar.  It's not that I didn't admire the look, quite the contrary, but I was never sure whether I could pull it off.  The only thing I've really worn as far as accessories go is a watch, which is a little lame.  But recently I've been trying to experiment more with bracelets, whether leather or beaded, just to try something different.

I got inspiration from one of my favourite blogs: I AM GALLA.  Written by Adam Gallagher, a 20 something Californian who is currently living and working in New York, the blog tells the story of his personal style plus his recent move and new life in the Big Apple.  I love his sense of style and how he interprets different themes and genres in to wearable outfits.  There are few personal style blogs for men that I think actually represent realistic looks that you'd want to wear, so I'd recommend you check him out here.  I'm also rather jealous of his collection of 'sunnies' - I still prefer the word shades, but maybe that's an English thing?  Anyway, a while back he wrote a post about 'Male Arm Parties' and the trend of men decorating their wrists (see here), highlighting the nature of crossover male and female fashion and celebrating this trend, which is definitely accessible to men.  It was from reading this I took courage and decided to host my own 'arm parties'.

Like most things I decided to buy inexpensive items so that if I didn't like the result I could hide them away in a drawer and thankfully forget the whole thing had ever happened.  I started with just two bundles from Primark that were £2.00 each - nothing right?  Blacks, browns and blues were easier to start with as they're versatile and would fit with the majority of guys wardrobes.  Most of the time I picked a watch as the focal point and then would add some bracelets to bulk up the look.

I think wearing a mixture of materials such as beads and leather gives a better overall look, and it is generally more pleasing to the eye.  I'm now looking for some onyx or metallic pieces to add to my collection just to mix things up and be a bit more versatile.  I do at times feel perhaps people I see overwhelmed one arm - I fear one arm becoming longer than the other - and so I have started occasionally splitting them up so each wrist is more balanced.  I'm not sure whether this is right or wrong; I like how they look anyway.  Also I sometimes just wear a few bracelets on my arm without a watch, which adds something a little extra to my outfit.  I guess they say the Devil's in the detail and that's what accessories ultimately are - detail.

Adam coined the term 'kickbacks' to make things a bit more masculine, but not to be outdone I thought it only proper to come up with my own name.  I plumped for wristycuffs as a play on 'fistycuffs', which I think adds a little humour and is quintessentially British.  Also when I looked up fistycuffs (which means fighting) I found the Urban Dictionary defined it as 'an expression used only by filthy Englishmen' which left me in stitches!

Ultimately I guess it's all down to personal style and what you like, but I have to say I'm a fan and I'll definitely be embracing this trend, which will surely continue to be relevant this summer.  Hopefully you like the look, but please excuse the pictures - I tried my best with my iPhone camera and had a little fun with PicMonkey!

Neil x