Thursday, 30 May 2013

Remember me? Photo heavy post - be warned!

I'm back!!! Sorry it has been so long since I've posted, I'm sure Neil kept you all entertained in my absence.  Aside from being crazy busy with orders and new stock I have also been burning tanning myself in sunny Cuba for my big brother's wedding.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen what I wore for the big event, I cant help my addiction to sweets!  I would put pictures of the bride and groom but I doubt they would be too happy being plastered over the internet, but they looked wonderful anyway.

The lovely dress was made for me by Katy of Vintage By Cupcake, she was also kind enough to loan me some dresses for the Jelly Button photoshoot I did a few months back (I will hopefully be putting some of the pics on the main page of the site within the next few weeks).

In other news I have only just gotten round to selecting a winner for the competition, it is.......drumroll......Jamie Robinson. WOOOO YAYY CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

And finally, have you all seen me in Mizz magazine AGAIN? Apparantly I'm the next big thing ;)

I think that's me updated, make sure you check out both websites for new products and I will end this post with a few of my Cuba snapshots.

Michelle xx


  1. Wow what an pictures c: And congratulations
    with being 'the next big thing' in the
    magazine!! Love your vintage dresses really.

  2. I absolutely Love the dresses! The purple one you wore looks absolutely stunning :)
    Congrats on being in Mizz again! I absolutely Love your jewellery :) x