Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Do The Truffle Shuffle

A few weeks ago the lovely folk over at Truffle Shuffle kindly sent us a piece of their amazing stock, now much to Neils dismay they sent a ladies top (hehehe) so I got my very own Care Bears 3/4 Length Tee.   I wanted to take a pic to show you how much I love it, but due to me not being able to leave the studio till weekend (busy bee) I had to take a quick snap of me wearing it with PJ bottoms (these luckily are also from Truffle and were a Christmas gift last year - worked out well hey!) I have however worn it in the past with a jersey mid length skirt and my cherry Vans, cute, casual and VERY ME.

Anyone who knows me will already have seen me wearing the stock and would have probably received something from there as a Christmas/Birthday gift from me.  It is a fab site that stocks clothing, bags, jewellery and even homeware, and is always first on my list when I'm struggling to think of a gift for someone, or when I want to treat myself.  In my collection I have several Button Moon pieces, My Little Pony and even Minnie Mouse, I do tend to veer towards the Oversized Tees to allow my chest room to breathe and I also think they feel much comfier in summer (if it ever appears).

I could probably go crazy making a wish list, but have shortened it down to my Top 10.  So if any of my family or even friends read this you have don't have an excuse if you fail to buy me something from here for my upcoming birthday.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

I will get Neil to do a mens wish list, mine seems to be a bit subjective!!

Michelle xx

Thursday, 25 April 2013

A plethora of pattern

Patterned items seem to be a major trend of late.  From bold and bright geometric prints to more demure florals it's definitely a trend that will have a major impact this Spring/Summer season.  Although I think I'm reasonable brave when it comes to what I'll wear I've had to ease myself it to this plethora of pattern.  I started with tees as they're always a safe bet.  To be honest I've become a little bored of the landscape printed tees that say 'New York' or 'Paris' and it's nice to wear something a little different.  Anyway here is a little run down of just a few T-shirts I've picked up of late. 

The iconic moustache image seems to have been a fashion fascination; I've seen it everywhere and I now own this tee, some matching socks, a moustache watch and even a matching bow tie, tie and pocket square moustache combo.  I really like this tee as it's just fun, and it was only £4.00.

Blue and white will always feel like Summer to me and is definitely a nod to that nautical look that seems to always be in fashion.  I like how the pattern is bold but simple, and I also like that it's white on the inside so that you can create an easy roll up contrast sleeve that makes the tee look that much more stylish.  Retailing at only £4.00 this has to be a winner, right?

This is a little more of a crazy print, but to me it screams SUMMER!  The black and white combo is always great and we know that monochrome is a major trend this Spring/Summer so it seems to tick most boxes style wise.  The dancing man motif also has that nostalgic 90s feel to me, which is definitely a winner.  Sadly I can't recall how much I paid in Primark but it wouldn't have been much.

The last and probably my favourite tee is this little beauty from New Look.  With a quirky retro inspired print that shows iconic images such as a pin-up, radio and shades this is definitely a cool customer.  It was priced at £12.99, but remember that they offer 10% student discount as well.  I'll probably match it with a bold oxblood coloured pair of skinny jeans or chinos, some simple pumps and a pair of Wayfarers for an easy retro rock look.

So make sure you're brave and embrace pattern this Spring/Summer!

Neil x

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Awesome Giveaway For Our Awesome Readers!!

Competitions seem popular so here is another one for you.  This time we have been lucky enough to have been given some delicious sweets courtesy of Choc Box, some dry shampoo from Batiste (my review coming soon) and then the fab people at Cherry Rainbow & Jelly Button (ok, ok that's us but worth a try) have included 2 bags and other bits and bobs.

You will notice in the picture I have included one of the new and not yet for sale BOURBON tote bags, I love love love this product so much and since it was made by Jelly Button you won't get it anywhere else.

Simply enter via the Rafflecopter form below, and GOOD LUCK!! 

Michelle xx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 22 April 2013

Stationery Week

Anyone who loves stationery as much as me would remember my post a few weeks back about my Artbox haul, well now you can treat yourself with 10% off all stationery, stickers and cards from today until April 29th.

I've already selected a million things I want, but narrowing it down these are my favourite choices.

To take advantage of this fab offer visit the site on the below image link, fill your basket with goodies and then enter code 2F2N9N at the checkout payment page.

Artbox Characters Shop  

You're welcome :)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Jelly Button Spring Summer

So within the next few weeks Jelly Button will be getting a bucket load of new items uploaded, wooooooo!! The first lot has been uploaded tonight! And before you ask, NO, I don't have a life and anything better to do on a Saturday evening.  

Hope you like what I've created, keep your eyes out for even more coming soon!!

Michelle xx

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Early Morning Quickie

Since I have the most ridiculous sleeping pattern and am wide awake at almost 1am I thought I would do a quickie post.

First up I've just had some super duper awesome badges designed and I am now waiting patiently for them to be printed/made/posted.  I aim to include them in all orders over a certain amount, possibly sell for £1 each and finally to attach to the new tote bags Ive had designed (and again waiting patiently for them to arrive.)

And linking on nicely the pug is the design that was featured in Mizz magazine late last year, hopefully more items will be featured soon!!

Keep your eyes out for them in future orders!!

Michelle xx

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Congratulations to....

A massive congratulations to.....

Keep your eyes pealed for the next giveaway, we have already been working on getting some fab prizes for it!!

Michelle xx

Shine bright like a diamond

First of all apologies for the Rihanna quote, I can promise from the bottom of my heart that will never happen again, my punk rock roots are literally squirming from it.  Anyway any of you who follow me via Instagram would have seen my scary photos from my before and after teeth whitening experience so I thought it was best to share my thoughts.

After having the most AWFUL teeth as a child and then enduring 3 years of braces I have become slightly OCD when it comes to my teeth.  I brush them ALL the time and am constantly concerned about them staining and moving back to their original placing.  Now since I cannot afford the 3k price tag of having Invisalign braces (hint hint if anyone from that company wants to use me as a case study) I am resigned to making sure they are as white as possible.  

I have used whitening gel from the dentist previously, however I find this quite inconvenient as you have to wear it all night over several days and it also leaves your teeth quite sensitive.  So when I saw an offer on Facebook for mobile teeth whitening with 20% off I had to look into it.   Like everyone else I am aware of the myths going around that this type of whitening is illegal and dangerous etc. so I did my research and found the B-Zero method used by Sarra is not only safe but perfectly legal.

Sarra comes to you and talks you through the process making sure you are aware of what will happen, the whitening was completely pain free (if not a little humiliating wearing gum shields for so long) and only took about an hour.

As you will see from my pictures my teeth were pretty white to begin with, but the whitening took them to the lightest shade natural teeth will go, only veneers will go as white as Simon Cowells don't worry.  For 48 hours after you do need to follow a 'White Diet' as the teeth are still porous and will soak up any stains, I also found them to be slightly sensitive but not unbearable.  Now I booked whilst a 20% discount was available, but because Sarra who does the whitening is so lovely she has offered to extend this discount to anyone who makes a booking and mentions this blog.  The final price will depend on where abouts you live within the North West.

What do you all think? I'm so happy I had it done and will definitely be booking for top ups once all the tea drinking takes effect!!

Michelle xx

Before Photo - Sober smiling does not come naturally.

So bright they glow :D

Sunday, 14 April 2013

It's not just ladies that lunch!

Well after a long absence from writing a post I thought it was about time I sat down and got to work.  I've had a manic week, and never before have I felt so popular.  Here is a little round up of my epic week and the places I've been.  Sadly I didn't take as many photographs as I would like to have done.  I guess I get swept up in the fun I'm having, and therefore I forget to take snaps on my phone.


I was invited by some lovely friends to go for lunch, which is definitely one of my favourite things to do.  The ladies had chosen to take me to Slattery, which for those of you who don't live in or around Manchester is an amazing patissier and chocolatier in Whitefield.  As well as making speciality cakes for weddings and birthdays etc. - the show room is definitely worth having a nosey round - there is also a dining room on the first floor.  I'd advise you to book as it gets rather busy, even on a Monday.  The food was simply delicious.  I chose the cottage pie, which came with practically its own small loaf.  It was the best cottage pie I can recall having the pleasure to eat, and it was all the better washed down with a ginger beer or two.  For dessert - how can you go to Slattery and not have a dessert? - I had the sticky toffee pudding with ice cream, and it didn't disappoint!  I'd definitely suggest a visit to Slattery and I know Michelle is already desperate to go.


You'll already know from Michelle's post that we had a day of shopping and lunching.  It was a lovely day and we had time to leisurely look around the shops and it gave me the chance to pick up a few birthday presents that I desperately needed to get.  Also it was a fine excuse to visit the Ted Baker shop and drool over some choice items I'd love to be sporting this spring.  I already have a mental wish list that might make an appearance on the blog soon.  The temptation is too much with 20% student discount for the whole of the month!  Lunch was clearly amazing, and the advantage of going on the tram was we could induldge and have a few drinks.  I will definitely make sure I take another trip to Home Sweet Home soon!


Another day; another lunch!  On Wednesday I met a great friend of mine for lunch and also a trip to the theatre.  We decided to go for a bit of pub grub and chose to eat in The Old Wellington, which is next to Exchange Square and The Triangle.  There was a nice lunch menu and as I wasn't driving I took advantage of the situation by having a glass of white wine with my barbecue chicken with cheese, served with fries.  For dessert we decided to go somewhere else, and I had the perfect place in mind: Patisserie Valerie!  It is possibly the best place to indulge your sweet tooth in Manchester.  The selection of cakes and desserts is endless and they are simply divine.  All too often you may find me stood in front of the window with a far off yet contented look on my face.  Also I'd suggest you make note of things in the window as not all are listed on the menu and you don't want to have to dart outside to have another look, which a lady did as we were leaving.

The show we went to see was called Cannibals and as you may suspect it was definitely intense viewing.  I do love the Royal Exchange Theatre because it's the perfect venue for an intimate performance.  The building is stunning and definitely worth a look around.  I've actually been lucky enough to have a tour before and the backstage is almost as interesting as the theatre itself.  Someone once told me the theatre-in-the-round looked like a spaceship had landed in the middle of a great hall, which is a pretty accurate description.  Anyway back to the show, Cannibals is a fast tempo and rather dramatic tale that follows the story of a young lady named Lizaveta who is trying to survive in a strange, war-torn land.  Themes of religion, love and survival give light and shade to an interesting and at times uncomfortable tale.  Ony Uhiara is simply captivating in the lead role of Lizaveta, and I would recommend watching it if only to see her stunning performance.


Can you guess? Once again I met a friend for lunch.  This time we decided to go to TGI Friday's which is in the Royal Exchange building.  I opted for the French Canadian burger, which blends together chicken, bacon, brie and maple syrup to great effect.  Although it hasn't been open long I think it's great.  The space is massive and the set up is really fun.  Before now I was more a fan of Hard Rock Cafe but I have to say I think the new TGI Friday's probably pips it to the post.   It's definitely a cool place to lunch and the service in there is second to none.  I don't know whether there is something in the water, but the staff are ultra friendly, which when you're eating out is definitely a plus!


My final day out, well actually it was more a night out!  I went out with a lovely group of people to celebrate a friends birthday.  We ate at Pizza Express in The Corn Exchange building.  I do love a good pizza and I was simply glad to have something different - the problems of having a social life that includes endless lunches!  After we'd eaten we headed to the Norther Quarter and ended up spending the rest of our night in Noho Bar.  To be honest I couldn't believe I'd not been there before as Michelle and I regularly roam around that area.  The place had a nice vibe and the music was pretty diverse and fun.  The main draw was the cocktail list.  We started with a round of eight Mojitos and then branched out in to different things.  By far my favourite was the Waldorf, although I did develop a kind of love hate relationship with an odd drink that tasted like peanut butter and milk with an alcoholic kick!

Well folks that's the round up of my week.  I hope you too had chance to venture out and enjoy some lovely food and drink with friends.  If I was a millionaire I know that's how I'd be spending my days, and my money!

Take care,

Neil x

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Home Sweet Home

One of the things Neil and I have in common is our love for food (unfortunately my waist shows this love more than his dammit) so we like to make time every week for a 'mate date.'  This week we invited our good friend Tom along and he made the suggestion of Home Sweet Home in Manchester's Northern Quarter.

While we are regulars in the NQ for cocktails we rarely go for food here so we both couldn't wait for the treats that it had to offer us.  Tom described Home Sweet Home as being very 'me' and he was right, it is a perfect balance of quirky with that home comfort feeling. 

We all shared a bottle of wine (which topped up our alcohol levels after a yummy cider in Odd Bar) and chose a different main.  Neil who is very fussy selective had the cheese and bacon burger, Tom had the mac & cheese with pulled pork, and I had the falafel wrap with sweet potato fries. All I can say is YUM, it was totally delicious and the sweet potato fries were possibly one of the nicest alternatives to chips I have ever had.  

Even though we were all close to bursting from the amazing food we still managed a dessert.  The counter was loaded with fresh baked cakes but we opted for the cookie skillet which was made fresh for us.  This was EPIC but also very sweet, it managed to defeat the three of us but it was worth every sickly bite.

After our mountain of food we still managed to find room for more rum at Common Bar next door :) it's days like this that make me realise just how much I LOVE working for myself and being able to choose my hours! A great day with great people and I would definitely recommend Home Sweet Home to everyone, next time I'm going to try the chilli dog!

Michelle xx

Pre - drinks at Odd Bar(a little dissapointed they don't have Fruli anymore.)

Bottle of wine, why the hell not!! 

My falafel wrap with sweet potato fries!! Mmmmm could eat this everyday!

Tom's mac and cheese with pulled pork. 

Neil's burger and fries.

Cookie Skillet, Oreos, bananas, marshmellow and ice cream all on top of fresh baked cookie dough!

The Blues Brothers of Salt & Pepper.

 Neil thinks I should put my face on the blog more, baby steps hey! 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Review: HOM H01 Nano Maxi Trunks

So the people over at Underwear Unlimited sent over an item for me to review, which I was more than happy to accept on the proviso that they didn't send me briefs - no offence to anyone who wears them.
The item I was sent was a pair of *HOM H01 Nano Maxi Trunks (price £24.30). As far as underwear goes I always go for boxers and typically choose trunks because they offer a few advantages which other types of mens underwear don't. The main advantage is the short cut on the leg, which is great for guys with bigger thighs as normal fit boxers can warp and stretch, as well as feel uncomfortable. Also if you, like me, are a fan of slim or skinny fit jeans you will know trunks are the best option as they don't bunch or ride up your leg, which can be a right pain.

I don't normally wear a lycra type boxer, but I have to say the *Nano Maxi trunks were really comfortable. They are made from a special 'sensitive' material that helps to combat overheating, which is great for exercise as well as everyday activity. The breathable fabric is a very thin and smooth stretch blend that provides a great fit, and felt fab under my skinny jeans.

The boxers I was sent are in the colour 'Loyalty' (dark blue) but you'll notice that they come in a range of vibrant colours to chose from, which is something I really like. Wearing underwear that is a bit more exciting is definitely a fun way to express yourself.

All in all I'd say the *HOM H01 Nano Maxi Trunks are a great pair of boxers that are suitable for any guy. They both look and feel great, and at the end of the day comfort is the key when choose your smalls.

Neil x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

My Week

So thought I would do a brief insight into my week, any of you who follow me on Instagram may have already seen most of these pictures so I apologise in advance.

First up my Artbox order arrived!! WOOOOO!! I absolutely love stationery, I used to be the kid that would choose to spend an hour in Staples rather than the Disney Shop so when I found this website I was in geek heaven.  First up they are really cheap, which for me means I can buy even more, if you look at my giant haul below this cost less than £20.  Now you may be wondering what I need so much stationery for, well aside from the obvious of it looking pretty I plan to use these for the ≠postcircle parcels I will be sending as well as the Spring Swap I mentioned a few posts ago. 

Next I've gotten myself a new pet hamster to keep me company in my studio, I do have a dog who I adore but due to her malting more than anything she isn't allowed in with me.  I have named HER Walowitz, after my favourite show Big Bang Theory.
And finally I have included some pictures of my yummy Snickers & Peanut Butter Brownies, a new bracelet, my dad's pug Doug and a more flattering picture of what I looked like at the last PBR (the one Neil uploaded made me look like a drunken wench.)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Michelle xx

Friday, 5 April 2013

Party like a pirate!

You'll have to excuse the lack of posts over the Easter weekend.  Both Michelle and I had a rather exceptional night out on Saturday, and I think it has taken us a while come down from such a big high.

As some of you may know, we both love attending the Pop Bubble Rock (PBR) nights that happen monthly in Manchester.  If you're a regular reader of the blog you may have already seen photos from the last PBR night, where the theme was prom.  This month, however, it was a pirate theme.  Although we do like dressing up we were a little sceptical about going in full fancy dress; instead we opted to go pirate-esque with a skull and cross-bone motif.

(Me, Michelle and our lovely friend Laura!)

Michelle wore a stuning Vivien of Holloway dress, and once again she made me a bow tie to match - that's how we roll!  I think coordination is key on a theme night, and it set us apart.  If you think about it we were pretty much dead on trend with our monochromatic look.

As you can see from the photo Michelle looked beautiful as always.  Her hair and make-up were done by Sophie Battersby and she clearly rocks that 1950s/1960s pinup look.  I on the other hand opted for a £5 hair cut from the barbers and trimmed my stubble - I think I scrub up okay.  I definitely I heard a few oohs and ahhs when people saw us, which I'm taking as a good sign - unless it was just pirate mumblings?

I have to say it was a fantastic party and we definitely danced the night away.  I cant wait for the next one; my liver on the other hand...

Take care,

Neil x

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Feeling Foxy

When Foxy Tea kindly offered to send me some of their teas not only was I excited at the prospect of having a posh brew but also because I wouldn't have to share with Neil (he is more of a cold drink person.)  When they arrived I was not disappointed, two well presented tubes containing the most indulgent looking tea bags I have ever seen.

They describe their tea as being 100% natural ingredients, 100% whole leaf and 100% biodegradable bags, now this may mean something to those looking for more natural tea however for me it is all about the taste.  I received the Afternoon Tea and the Caramel Rooibos Tea, and having tried both I can honestly say they are the most luxurious tea bags I have ever had the pleasure of brewing.

I had the Afternoon Tea with a splash of milk alongside a brunch of poached egg on toast, and the Caramel tea with a well buttered hot cross bun (unfortunately I had munched most of this before I remembered to photograph the evidence.)

As well as being able to choose from a variety of flavours there is also the option to get a tub personalised (see here), which would make a fantastic gift for any tea lovers.  The hard part is choosing which flavour to try first!

Michelle xx


Monday, 1 April 2013

Giveaway: Watch Warehouse

Well ladies and gents we have a rather amazing new competition.  The lovely people over at Watch Warehouse have given us a beautiful watch to offer as a competition prize!

FCUK FC1009BM Ladies Watch

(Click here for details)

This beautiful French Connection UK ladies watch would look great on anyone.  In stainless steel with a black face that is embellished with a stone set logo, dial and bezel, the watch is both functional and fashionable.  Silver, as all of us know, is highly wearable and would look great with any outfit, and the crystals add that little touch of sparkle that set it apart and make it more of a fashion statement.

With a RRP of £85.00 this is no small prize, and whether you're after winning it for yourself or someone special make sure you don't miss out on the chance of owning this stunning timepiece!

Good luck!

Neil & Michelle

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