Friday, 5 April 2013

Party like a pirate!

You'll have to excuse the lack of posts over the Easter weekend.  Both Michelle and I had a rather exceptional night out on Saturday, and I think it has taken us a while come down from such a big high.

As some of you may know, we both love attending the Pop Bubble Rock (PBR) nights that happen monthly in Manchester.  If you're a regular reader of the blog you may have already seen photos from the last PBR night, where the theme was prom.  This month, however, it was a pirate theme.  Although we do like dressing up we were a little sceptical about going in full fancy dress; instead we opted to go pirate-esque with a skull and cross-bone motif.

(Me, Michelle and our lovely friend Laura!)

Michelle wore a stuning Vivien of Holloway dress, and once again she made me a bow tie to match - that's how we roll!  I think coordination is key on a theme night, and it set us apart.  If you think about it we were pretty much dead on trend with our monochromatic look.

As you can see from the photo Michelle looked beautiful as always.  Her hair and make-up were done by Sophie Battersby and she clearly rocks that 1950s/1960s pinup look.  I on the other hand opted for a £5 hair cut from the barbers and trimmed my stubble - I think I scrub up okay.  I definitely I heard a few oohs and ahhs when people saw us, which I'm taking as a good sign - unless it was just pirate mumblings?

I have to say it was a fantastic party and we definitely danced the night away.  I cant wait for the next one; my liver on the other hand...

Take care,

Neil x


  1. I really like the idea that you had a matching box tie to Michelle's dress!

    1. Thanks! We did it for the first time at PBR Prom and loved it that much that we thought we'd do it again this time. Thankfully Michelle is multitalented and was able to whip it up for me! x