Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Shine bright like a diamond

First of all apologies for the Rihanna quote, I can promise from the bottom of my heart that will never happen again, my punk rock roots are literally squirming from it.  Anyway any of you who follow me via Instagram would have seen my scary photos from my before and after teeth whitening experience so I thought it was best to share my thoughts.

After having the most AWFUL teeth as a child and then enduring 3 years of braces I have become slightly OCD when it comes to my teeth.  I brush them ALL the time and am constantly concerned about them staining and moving back to their original placing.  Now since I cannot afford the 3k price tag of having Invisalign braces (hint hint if anyone from that company wants to use me as a case study) I am resigned to making sure they are as white as possible.  

I have used whitening gel from the dentist previously, however I find this quite inconvenient as you have to wear it all night over several days and it also leaves your teeth quite sensitive.  So when I saw an offer on Facebook for mobile teeth whitening with 20% off I had to look into it.   Like everyone else I am aware of the myths going around that this type of whitening is illegal and dangerous etc. so I did my research and found the B-Zero method used by Sarra is not only safe but perfectly legal.

Sarra comes to you and talks you through the process making sure you are aware of what will happen, the whitening was completely pain free (if not a little humiliating wearing gum shields for so long) and only took about an hour.

As you will see from my pictures my teeth were pretty white to begin with, but the whitening took them to the lightest shade natural teeth will go, only veneers will go as white as Simon Cowells don't worry.  For 48 hours after you do need to follow a 'White Diet' as the teeth are still porous and will soak up any stains, I also found them to be slightly sensitive but not unbearable.  Now I booked whilst a 20% discount was available, but because Sarra who does the whitening is so lovely she has offered to extend this discount to anyone who makes a booking and mentions this blog.  The final price will depend on where abouts you live within the North West.

What do you all think? I'm so happy I had it done and will definitely be booking for top ups once all the tea drinking takes effect!!

Michelle xx

Before Photo - Sober smiling does not come naturally.

So bright they glow :D

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