Monday, 8 April 2013

Review: HOM H01 Nano Maxi Trunks

So the people over at Underwear Unlimited sent over an item for me to review, which I was more than happy to accept on the proviso that they didn't send me briefs - no offence to anyone who wears them.
The item I was sent was a pair of *HOM H01 Nano Maxi Trunks (price £24.30). As far as underwear goes I always go for boxers and typically choose trunks because they offer a few advantages which other types of mens underwear don't. The main advantage is the short cut on the leg, which is great for guys with bigger thighs as normal fit boxers can warp and stretch, as well as feel uncomfortable. Also if you, like me, are a fan of slim or skinny fit jeans you will know trunks are the best option as they don't bunch or ride up your leg, which can be a right pain.

I don't normally wear a lycra type boxer, but I have to say the *Nano Maxi trunks were really comfortable. They are made from a special 'sensitive' material that helps to combat overheating, which is great for exercise as well as everyday activity. The breathable fabric is a very thin and smooth stretch blend that provides a great fit, and felt fab under my skinny jeans.

The boxers I was sent are in the colour 'Loyalty' (dark blue) but you'll notice that they come in a range of vibrant colours to chose from, which is something I really like. Wearing underwear that is a bit more exciting is definitely a fun way to express yourself.

All in all I'd say the *HOM H01 Nano Maxi Trunks are a great pair of boxers that are suitable for any guy. They both look and feel great, and at the end of the day comfort is the key when choose your smalls.

Neil x

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