Saturday, 13 April 2013

Home Sweet Home

One of the things Neil and I have in common is our love for food (unfortunately my waist shows this love more than his dammit) so we like to make time every week for a 'mate date.'  This week we invited our good friend Tom along and he made the suggestion of Home Sweet Home in Manchester's Northern Quarter.

While we are regulars in the NQ for cocktails we rarely go for food here so we both couldn't wait for the treats that it had to offer us.  Tom described Home Sweet Home as being very 'me' and he was right, it is a perfect balance of quirky with that home comfort feeling. 

We all shared a bottle of wine (which topped up our alcohol levels after a yummy cider in Odd Bar) and chose a different main.  Neil who is very fussy selective had the cheese and bacon burger, Tom had the mac & cheese with pulled pork, and I had the falafel wrap with sweet potato fries. All I can say is YUM, it was totally delicious and the sweet potato fries were possibly one of the nicest alternatives to chips I have ever had.  

Even though we were all close to bursting from the amazing food we still managed a dessert.  The counter was loaded with fresh baked cakes but we opted for the cookie skillet which was made fresh for us.  This was EPIC but also very sweet, it managed to defeat the three of us but it was worth every sickly bite.

After our mountain of food we still managed to find room for more rum at Common Bar next door :) it's days like this that make me realise just how much I LOVE working for myself and being able to choose my hours! A great day with great people and I would definitely recommend Home Sweet Home to everyone, next time I'm going to try the chilli dog!

Michelle xx

Pre - drinks at Odd Bar(a little dissapointed they don't have Fruli anymore.)

Bottle of wine, why the hell not!! 

My falafel wrap with sweet potato fries!! Mmmmm could eat this everyday!

Tom's mac and cheese with pulled pork. 

Neil's burger and fries.

Cookie Skillet, Oreos, bananas, marshmellow and ice cream all on top of fresh baked cookie dough!

The Blues Brothers of Salt & Pepper.

 Neil thinks I should put my face on the blog more, baby steps hey! 


  1. That all looks delicious! Your hair is looking lovely too. xxx

    1. It was so yummy!! Thank you, i'm trying to wash the blue out and am at the 'hulk' stage x