Thursday, 25 April 2013

A plethora of pattern

Patterned items seem to be a major trend of late.  From bold and bright geometric prints to more demure florals it's definitely a trend that will have a major impact this Spring/Summer season.  Although I think I'm reasonable brave when it comes to what I'll wear I've had to ease myself it to this plethora of pattern.  I started with tees as they're always a safe bet.  To be honest I've become a little bored of the landscape printed tees that say 'New York' or 'Paris' and it's nice to wear something a little different.  Anyway here is a little run down of just a few T-shirts I've picked up of late. 

The iconic moustache image seems to have been a fashion fascination; I've seen it everywhere and I now own this tee, some matching socks, a moustache watch and even a matching bow tie, tie and pocket square moustache combo.  I really like this tee as it's just fun, and it was only £4.00.

Blue and white will always feel like Summer to me and is definitely a nod to that nautical look that seems to always be in fashion.  I like how the pattern is bold but simple, and I also like that it's white on the inside so that you can create an easy roll up contrast sleeve that makes the tee look that much more stylish.  Retailing at only £4.00 this has to be a winner, right?

This is a little more of a crazy print, but to me it screams SUMMER!  The black and white combo is always great and we know that monochrome is a major trend this Spring/Summer so it seems to tick most boxes style wise.  The dancing man motif also has that nostalgic 90s feel to me, which is definitely a winner.  Sadly I can't recall how much I paid in Primark but it wouldn't have been much.

The last and probably my favourite tee is this little beauty from New Look.  With a quirky retro inspired print that shows iconic images such as a pin-up, radio and shades this is definitely a cool customer.  It was priced at £12.99, but remember that they offer 10% student discount as well.  I'll probably match it with a bold oxblood coloured pair of skinny jeans or chinos, some simple pumps and a pair of Wayfarers for an easy retro rock look.

So make sure you're brave and embrace pattern this Spring/Summer!

Neil x


  1. I have a dress like the swallow shirt :)

    1. I'm slightly loving it at the moment, and it was a bargain too! x