Sunday, 14 April 2013

It's not just ladies that lunch!

Well after a long absence from writing a post I thought it was about time I sat down and got to work.  I've had a manic week, and never before have I felt so popular.  Here is a little round up of my epic week and the places I've been.  Sadly I didn't take as many photographs as I would like to have done.  I guess I get swept up in the fun I'm having, and therefore I forget to take snaps on my phone.


I was invited by some lovely friends to go for lunch, which is definitely one of my favourite things to do.  The ladies had chosen to take me to Slattery, which for those of you who don't live in or around Manchester is an amazing patissier and chocolatier in Whitefield.  As well as making speciality cakes for weddings and birthdays etc. - the show room is definitely worth having a nosey round - there is also a dining room on the first floor.  I'd advise you to book as it gets rather busy, even on a Monday.  The food was simply delicious.  I chose the cottage pie, which came with practically its own small loaf.  It was the best cottage pie I can recall having the pleasure to eat, and it was all the better washed down with a ginger beer or two.  For dessert - how can you go to Slattery and not have a dessert? - I had the sticky toffee pudding with ice cream, and it didn't disappoint!  I'd definitely suggest a visit to Slattery and I know Michelle is already desperate to go.


You'll already know from Michelle's post that we had a day of shopping and lunching.  It was a lovely day and we had time to leisurely look around the shops and it gave me the chance to pick up a few birthday presents that I desperately needed to get.  Also it was a fine excuse to visit the Ted Baker shop and drool over some choice items I'd love to be sporting this spring.  I already have a mental wish list that might make an appearance on the blog soon.  The temptation is too much with 20% student discount for the whole of the month!  Lunch was clearly amazing, and the advantage of going on the tram was we could induldge and have a few drinks.  I will definitely make sure I take another trip to Home Sweet Home soon!


Another day; another lunch!  On Wednesday I met a great friend of mine for lunch and also a trip to the theatre.  We decided to go for a bit of pub grub and chose to eat in The Old Wellington, which is next to Exchange Square and The Triangle.  There was a nice lunch menu and as I wasn't driving I took advantage of the situation by having a glass of white wine with my barbecue chicken with cheese, served with fries.  For dessert we decided to go somewhere else, and I had the perfect place in mind: Patisserie Valerie!  It is possibly the best place to indulge your sweet tooth in Manchester.  The selection of cakes and desserts is endless and they are simply divine.  All too often you may find me stood in front of the window with a far off yet contented look on my face.  Also I'd suggest you make note of things in the window as not all are listed on the menu and you don't want to have to dart outside to have another look, which a lady did as we were leaving.

The show we went to see was called Cannibals and as you may suspect it was definitely intense viewing.  I do love the Royal Exchange Theatre because it's the perfect venue for an intimate performance.  The building is stunning and definitely worth a look around.  I've actually been lucky enough to have a tour before and the backstage is almost as interesting as the theatre itself.  Someone once told me the theatre-in-the-round looked like a spaceship had landed in the middle of a great hall, which is a pretty accurate description.  Anyway back to the show, Cannibals is a fast tempo and rather dramatic tale that follows the story of a young lady named Lizaveta who is trying to survive in a strange, war-torn land.  Themes of religion, love and survival give light and shade to an interesting and at times uncomfortable tale.  Ony Uhiara is simply captivating in the lead role of Lizaveta, and I would recommend watching it if only to see her stunning performance.


Can you guess? Once again I met a friend for lunch.  This time we decided to go to TGI Friday's which is in the Royal Exchange building.  I opted for the French Canadian burger, which blends together chicken, bacon, brie and maple syrup to great effect.  Although it hasn't been open long I think it's great.  The space is massive and the set up is really fun.  Before now I was more a fan of Hard Rock Cafe but I have to say I think the new TGI Friday's probably pips it to the post.   It's definitely a cool place to lunch and the service in there is second to none.  I don't know whether there is something in the water, but the staff are ultra friendly, which when you're eating out is definitely a plus!


My final day out, well actually it was more a night out!  I went out with a lovely group of people to celebrate a friends birthday.  We ate at Pizza Express in The Corn Exchange building.  I do love a good pizza and I was simply glad to have something different - the problems of having a social life that includes endless lunches!  After we'd eaten we headed to the Norther Quarter and ended up spending the rest of our night in Noho Bar.  To be honest I couldn't believe I'd not been there before as Michelle and I regularly roam around that area.  The place had a nice vibe and the music was pretty diverse and fun.  The main draw was the cocktail list.  We started with a round of eight Mojitos and then branched out in to different things.  By far my favourite was the Waldorf, although I did develop a kind of love hate relationship with an odd drink that tasted like peanut butter and milk with an alcoholic kick!

Well folks that's the round up of my week.  I hope you too had chance to venture out and enjoy some lovely food and drink with friends.  If I was a millionaire I know that's how I'd be spending my days, and my money!

Take care,

Neil x

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