Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My Fair Dady

Well it seems like an age since there was a blog post, but no need to worry I'm back. Michelle and I have been hard at work – more her than me – in preparation for the recent vintage and craft fair we attended on Sunday. To say she worked herself to the limit is probably an understatement as I doubt I would be able to even function with such little sleep, but it's safe to say that all that effort really paid off.

Unlike recent events we've attended, this time Michelle was involved with arranging the event along with some other lovely ladies – that's you Adele and Gemma! The gang managed to do a fantastic job and I'd say it was a success; hopefully all those who attended would agree

This crafty crew – a potential new nickname? – managed to also wangle a number of local businesses in to handing over a selection of prizes that all were raffled off in aid of charity: all proceeds are to go to Dr Kershaw's Hospice. I'm happy to say the raffle raised over a hundred pounds, which demonstrates how generous everyone was. We owe a big thank you to all those local businesses that donated such brilliant prizes.

Take care,

Neil x

P.S. Lets hope there's another 'Make, do and re-trend' event soon!

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