Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I give you an onion – really?

Let me begin by wishing you all a happy Valentine's.  Whether you're celebrating together or apart, it is the time to make the most of that special person in your life.  Hopefully he or she has exceeded all expectations and made this truly a day to remember.

As your other half has probably given you all the traditional things: a card, flowers and probably a present, there is little left that I can offer.  However, I thought a poem would be something we could all enjoy.  I've racked my brain for something good, but it was a difficult task. I thought about perhaps Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy, but that takes me back to being 16 years old and studying GCSE English, which perhaps is something best forgotten.  I know some adore great Shakespearian sonnets where others prefer a short verse, yet I felt this modern take by Wendy Cope (taken from the Telegraph) just fit the bill:

Text messages for Valentine's Day

February’s cold & grey/ &, all in all, a bummer./ B my valentine 2today/ & turn it in2 summer.

I told u this last year/ I’ll tell u next year 2:?/My valentine, my dear,/ My heart belongs 2 u.

Known u a while. Is it 2 L8/ 2 tell u that I think you’re gr8??/ You’re sucha special friend of mine,/ I want 2 b yr valentine.

U r such a star. U shine./ I love 2 gaze at u./ If u will b my valentine,/ You’ll c me shining 2.

My heart and mind agree?/& this is what they say:/ U r the one 4 me/ 2day and every day.

Finally, I hope you have a magical day filled with love and laughter.

Neil x

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