Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What do you mean I'm not Prom King?

Well as you will already know from reading Michelle's blog post, I unfortunately did not win the coveted title of Prom King, which is something I am slowly coming to terms with. All in all the night was a roaring success. Ben Hiard deserves a round of applause for making Pop Bubble Rock in to one of the best nights out in Manchester!

We did decide to go all out for the prom theme. Michelle's creativity never ceases to amaze me, and, although a little hesitant at first, I found myself loving the bow tie she made.

I guess I also owe thanks to the lovely ladies from two sets of florists. The first, although unable to make the corsage, was extremely helpful and gave me some lovely little items, which turned in to a ladybird wand and matching earrings. And the second made the beautiful corsage that thankfully managed to make it through the night in one piece, well almost!
As an honorary member of the family it seem inevitable that Michelle would attend my dad's birthday celebration meal. The entertainment was rather exciting as you can see.
We had a very entertaining time at Rozafa, which is a lovely Greek in Manchester city centre. It sure brought back memories of our holiday last year in Sami, Kefalonia.
There is little left to say apart from that fact that Prom was EPIC, and next time I intend on winning!

Take care,

Neil x

p.s. I always thought I looked too young to be King anyway!

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