Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Prom Queen and my Prince Charming

So anyone who follows either JBJ or Cherry on Facebook/Instagram etc. will be aware that myself and Neil recently attended a club night Prom.  This is my favourite club night EVER and I always throw myself into dressing up for the occasion.  Since my own real Prom was over 10 years ago (oh dear now I feel old mature) I loved making the little extras to make my outfit stand out.

I wore one of my much loved Viviene Of Holloway dresses, and made a headband and earrings to match.  I already had the fabric in the ladybird print to make hair bows and wraps so was able to create a matching bow tie for Neil, doesn't he look dapper.  I have included a photo of one of our friends who I also made a little something for, a glitter bow tie.

Now here's the important bit... I WON :)

Unfortunately Neil wasn't my King, but since he was very much a gentleman and bought me a gorgeous corsage he was my Prince Charming.  I have included a couple of the photos from the night, but please be aware we had both drank way too much wine at this point after celebrating a family meal (Neils Dad but my adopted family - not that they know this yet)

In other news the winner of the Easter prize has been selected and contacted, it was someone with the fab name of Mickey Ricketts!! Keep your eyes pealed because there will be a new competition this week :)

I'm sure Neil will do a blog soon on his side of our fab night!

Michelle xx


  1. Ah you both look lovely! I adore your dress :) xxx

  2. That dress is so beautiful!