Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Week In The Life

Everyone thinks that my life revolves around pug cuddles, playing with clay and the occasional sprinkling of glitter - well you're right but it also has the less glamorous aspects.

This week included two trips to the hospital, for completely different ailments, one being yellow spots on the backs of my eyes (I had drops that gave me Supernatural-esque demon eyes) and the second my endemetriosis (I was subjected to an over eager phlebotamist who left me bruised and tender.)  I also had a fully booked jewellery workshop at the amazing Craft & Design Centre in Manchester, the next one has gone on sale here if you are interested in making some Jelly Button creations of your own.

Finally I've been working on a few commissions, Eve, Sully, Heart Bottoms and Yorkie Bar. Phew what a week ;) 

Michelle x

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