Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Big hello from me, I feel like I've forgotten all about the blogging corner of the world but I'm back (for now.) Ive been meaning to post a what's happened blog for a while but as usual life got in the way.  Soooooooo what's new is... I've finally finished Uni THANK GOD!! I can't express how relieved I am that this it's over, it's been a year plagued with sickness meaning I hardly went in and have probably only scraped through and passed my degree. Now it is over I'm so excited to put more time back in Jelly Button and Cherry Rainbow, I want to expand my sterling silver range, and combine the sweet theme with the silver.

Another thing that's happened is I got my first trolling email of the year, I'm genuinely baffled by some people and what they feel is acceptable to say to strangers. But hey ho, I've had a lot worse than a few insults thrown at me this year and I'm still going strong!

Anyone have any advice on how to deal with the dreaded trolls, ignore them, retaliate? Any suggestions or request for the sterling silver range? Keep in touch, I love all the genuine messages I receive ;)

Michelle x

P.S How appropriate is my favourite kitchen decoration, troll and sick note in one!

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