Sunday, 8 September 2013


Okay this is a just a quick post to simply say cocktails are good!  If you follow Cherry Rainbow on Instagram (if you don't DO IT NOW ;p) you'll have noticed I've been to Revolucion de Cuba a couple of times of late, and I seem to always order a cocktail - and why not?

Strawberry daiquiris always make me laugh as simply put it's a grown up version of a slushy with a generous helping of rum.  They even have them in those machines like Slush Puppies.  I may have a couple.

On my second visit I only managed to get a quick photo of my Dark 'n' Stormy because I ended up downing my Strawberry Spiced Punch so we could head out to our dinner reservation.  The Dark 'n' Stormy was definitely more in my wheelhouse having a mix of gingerbeer and dark rum - YUM!

Anyway it's definitely work checking out and if you happen to pop in on a Sunday it's two for one all day!

Neil x

p.s. I didn't realise I always staged my cocktail photos in the same way - odd!

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