Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Beautiful Game

Well it may come as a shock - who am I kidding - that I'm not an avid football fan; however, yesterday we headed of to the Etihad Stadium to watch the Manchester City vs. Hull City game.

For those who are interested in what I'm wearing, jacket and belt - Primark, shirt - H&M, jeans - Tompan and brogues - Office. 

Occasionally we're lucky enough to get the chance to attend a game using some corporate tickets and experience a little luxury for a day in one of the suites.

The Citizen Suite is has been refurbished for the new season and has been totally transformed.  To be fair it used to look 'like a bingo hall' (staff's words not mine) but now it looks great.  The service was a little manic, similar to the game itself, but it definitely was a fun day.

The bar

The room

The dessert station!

As you can clearly tell I was enjoying myself - why is it impossible to take a nice photo?  *cringe*  Anyway as part of the package you get a three course meal, which comes with a carvery style main.  Honestly the food was lovely and the lamb main was delicious, and even though the staff were a little befuddled - I understand they're getting used to the new set up -  I still had time to wolf down some chocolate cake... well most of it.

Our seats were fab and, as you can see from the photo, dead on the centre line which made for great viewing.  The game itself left a little to be desired.  Although not a football pundit, even I could tell that the game wasn't going in Man City's favour.  Being honest they were lucky to be still 0 - 0 at half time.  To take the edge of the game I indulged with a second dessert of treacle tart with custard - YUM!
Thankfully the tide turned in the second half and the end result was a 2 - 0 victory to the home side.

All in all it was a fab day out, made that much better by the rather lovely weather.  Here's hoping that we get the chance to attend again some time this seasons.

Neil x

p.s. Once again it's iPhone photos as I was attempting to be discrete!


  1. Wow the game stadium has a nice bar
    and restaurant c: The food you
    mentioned sounds delish! Xx

    1. Yeh it looks great after the refurbishment. The food was great but in hindsight two desserts was a little excessive! x

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