Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mankind: Alvarez Gómez (Agua de Colonia)

So this is my second review from the items I was sent by Mankind - very, very overdue, but at least I can say they've been throughly tested!  Here I was given a sample set called the Agua de Colonia GWP Group (£22.00) from the Agua de Colonia Concentrada range produced by Alvarez Gómez.

Alvarez Gómez is a Spanish brand that has a long history of developing luxury perfumes and colognes.  The Agua de Colonia Concentrada is epitomised by its signature fragrance, but also encompasses a selection of skincare and toiletries for men.

Body lotion - The body lotion is very lush and applies evenly leaving your skin feeling soft.  It also has a strong sweet/citrus lemon smell which I quite liked, but I'm guessing others may not.  Yet I wouldn't apply before going somewhere for the evening as it would class with my aftershave or Eau De Toilette.

Bath and Shower Gel - This too has a particularly sweet and citrus smell, which I personally loved.  I preferred to use it as a shower gel, and it definitely helped me feel more alive on those groggy mornings.

Bath Salts - I'm not typically a bath person, but I have to admit these did make the experience much more pleasurable.  I'm just sad it was only a smaller bottle as I over-indludged and ran out rather quickly!

Agua de Colonia Concentrated Eau de Cologne - Not my typical choice, I found the strong citrus lemon scent to be rather appealing.  It is a strong and pleasant fragrance that is clean smelling but not harsh.

They're currently offering the Agua de Colonia GWP Group, retailed at £22.00, as a free gift when you order two products from the Agua range.


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