Sunday, 3 November 2013

Mous-tache it's Movember after all!

Well folks it's sure been a hectic few weeks, hence the post drought - my apologies!  But I hope you've all had a stupendously spooky Hallowe'en.  Sadly this year I felt a little disheartened with it falling on a Thursday, and I didn't really dress up or anything *hangs head in shame*.

Anyway as we're now in November I'm already feeling the pressures of Christmas -  note to self: must write a Christmas list - and it seems to be getting worse as each day passes.  Yet before we get hung up on Christmas we cannot forget it is Movember and there will soon be many fledgling moustaches and a plethora of facial hair for our amusement/admiration!

I know there are some cynics out there, but for me Movember is rather comical.  People fret about whether they can grow a proper moustache, what style to go for and also that their secret ginger tendencies will be exposed!

I too have a rather comical copper hue when my stubble grows out, yet I've never really grown it too long: vanity takes priority as I cling to the fact that a clean shave will make me look younger and turn back the hands of time, which seem to be out of control.

I thought I'd share this rather apt photo which I saw on MSN's post Movember Explained.  It just caught my eye and I thought I'd show it to some of the guys at work who are embarking on their own Movember journeys.  My personal favourites being the Captain and the Cheeky Flick-On.

If that's not enough inspiration, here are a few iconic moustaches that would look great on anyone (I lie).

Original image from Digital Spy.

Hercule Poirot - a true dignified classic for the gentlemen among you.

Image taken from tvtropes.

Terry 'Hulk' Hogan - a childhood hero who rocks the handlebar moustache.

Image taken from filmbug.

Tom Selleck - the traditional that most men aspire to.

Well that's all for today and happy Movember to you all!

Take care,

Neil x


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    1. Er, okay? I guess I'll say thanks but no thanks. Although you've clearly taken time to put together this critique, and I do appreciate the feedback, I think your argument is flawed. Blogs are ultimately subjective. The posts I write are written from my perspective in order to bring originality and express my personality. If your sole focus when writing is the opinion of others, I would suggest that you enviably dilute the credibility of your own work, and then run the risk or presenting a generic pile of drivel.

      I read many blogs myself and find those that have an interesting writing style, demonstrate personality and present a unique perspective are those that are most enjoyable to read. Perhaps that's why I write posts the way I do? At least you enjoyed reading it... it part. ; )