Sunday, 1 December 2013

'appy Christmas - ShopStyle

More and more I've found myself turning to my phone and the latest apps out their to help me shop.  Therefore I thought it'd be fun to share with you what I've found the most helpful and useful apps to have to hand.

In this first instalment I'd like to show you the ShopStyle app.  Oh and before I you ask THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST - they should have bloody paid me though!

ShopStyle is my favourite fashion related app by a country mile.  It's compiles the products from a vast variety of retailers, from high street favourites to fashion houses, so you're certain to find something you'll like.  I've downloaded it on both my iPhone and iPad so that I can be browsing on the go; although I do prefer it on the iPad (see images below) as you can see more and scan several items at a time.

As you can see it's separated in to categories so you can search for specific items and or occasions etc.  I find myself all to often roaming the sale section to see if there are any bargains to be had.  Recently I purchased some boots for what was a steal, and I'll write a follow up about them soon.

Another great thing is you can set up your own profile with your details - I'll explain how this comes in handy later.  Oh and please note my Christmas themed picture that I made a few years ago on the Royal Mail site when they did the Wallace and Gromit Christmas stamps.

Setting up your sizes can be a good option as sometimes it helps save time when you're searching for items - I feel odd sharing me sizes!  I've sadly found myself ogling a few things only to find out they didn't come in my size *wipes away a tear*

Once you go in to a category, in this case shoes, there are several options for you to choose from include size, colour, brand and store etc.  If you're after a very specific item this can be a great help.  Also setting the price range to fit your budget means you don't get sidetracked lusting after something that is far too expensive. 

You can also sort the things you're looking at - normally I do lowest price to highest.

Once you find your beloved item you can do a few different things.  If your wanting to buy it straight away you can click the link and it'll take you directly to the retailers website where you'll be able to buy it now.  If you're just window shopping you can add it to your favourites list so that you can come back to it later or compare it to any other finds you like.

One nifty thing is the sales alert option, which if selected will monitor the item and notify you via the app and also your email - remember I said it was good to enter your details - when it goes on sale so you can snap up a bargain!  I've even set it up to tell me when any Ted Baker bags go on sale - the sister's birthday present.

Well that's all for now, but be sure to check it out and tell me what you think!  Oh and are there any other apps you'd recommend?  If so let me know as I'm slightly obsessed.

Take care,

Neil x

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