Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year, New To Do List

So last year Neil and I both wrote a list of things 'to do' in 2013, mine were -
Visit The Harry Potter Tour
Go to Paris
Attend a bloggers meet up
Read 10 books
Pay Neil back the money he lent me
Get another puppy
Learn To Crochet

I managed to achieve most of them, Paris was amazing, I read my way through plenty of books when on holiday in Cuba for my big brothers wedding (most of them were written by Kathy Reichs or Charlaine Harris) the bloggers meet up was FABB ;) I just about got to grips with crochet but would like to do a refresher course, and finally I paid Neil back (then borrowed more and subsequently paid that back too.)

I didn't however make it to the Harry Potter Tour, I blame a lack of time management for that, and I didn't get a play mate for Dodge (I made up for this by getting myself a pet hamster named Wolowitz or Norris by my Mum.)

Now it's NYE I should probably work out a new list for 2014 hmmmmm....

Have a great evening and see you all in the New Year!!!

Michelle x 

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