Wednesday, 1 January 2014

To Do In 2014

I'm sure Neil will need to update his list of to do things as well but for now here are mine:

Finally complete my jewellery degree - In reality taking on a degree when I was already running two businesses, had a part time job and dealing with a daily struggle with endemetriosis was a bad idea.  It also wasn't what I expected so I am looking forward to getting it out of the way.

Move into a bigger house - my basement is my studio, the spare room holds all the Cherry Rainbow stock and all other rooms are occupied by cats, a dog and a hamster.  I desperately need extra space so I am hoping to upgrade to a 3 bed house.

Get a bicycle - to be exact this one, isn't she a beaut.  I have visions of riding to the Post Office near my new house with Dodge in the basket.

Do a chocolate course - no need to explain it sounds awesome!

Lay off the bleach and let my hair recover.

Holiday in the U.K - I was spoilt with Cuba and Paris last year so need to be a bit more cost efficient with my breaks in 2014.

Read 12 books - a book a month shouldn't be too much of a struggle.

Get back to the gym and Yoga - exercise does eventually help my pain, however I have to get through the pain barrier first.  I WILL DO IT!!!

Finally this is the biggie .... take more photos of myself for the blog!! I normally avoid the camera, using excuses such as 'when I lose weight I will look better, ' but in 2013 I read so many blogs where people embraced their varied body shapes I feel I should man up and go for it.

Does anyone else have any good resolutions or plans for the new year?

Michelle x

P.S Incase anyone has the NY resolution to buy expensive presents for random strangers here is the link for my bike :)

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  1. I've always said the same about photos of me on my blog but think it is time to embrace ourselves, think how amazing we will feel when we get to our 'happy' weight and look back :)

    Keeley x