Sunday, 5 January 2014

Turn The Beats Around

For Christmas I seemed to get an endless supply of pyjamas, socks and underwear.  I'd say it was a sign of my age, but I associate pjs more with being a kid - perhaps I'm regressing?  At least they'll help stave off the cold nights, but saying that mulled rum punch works equally as well *hiccup*.

I did get a few other gifts, and one of the bigger present I got were some Beats by Dre Solo HD headphones.  I'd been thinking about some getting some for a while so I was really pleased.  They were a joint present from my sister and her husband, and my parents.

Although eager to open them, Christmas day was hectic so I left the headphones for later - turned out to be a stoke of genius.  That night I was perusing Hot UK Deals (a great site for bargains) and noticed someone had posted that the exact same headphones were now on sale for £79 at Tesco direct, moreover there was even a code for £10 off on your first purchase as well!!! I HATE it when something like this happens, and I feel I've been ripped off.  Out of pure frustration I order a pair then and there, and within a few days they arrived in store.  Within a few days they'd arrived in store and I went to pick them up, and I returned the originals to Currys.  In the end I got them for £69, which was £60 less than the originals that had been bought for me from Currys (£129).

With the left over money I treated myself to this Ted Baker watch which was listed as half price on the John Lewis clearance sale (£62.50) - I'd share the link, but they sold out pretty quick online.

All in all I think I did the right thing, even though returning a Christmas gift did feel weird.  But two presents for the price of one can only be a good thing.

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p.s. Have you picked up any bargains in the sale?  Or even ended up returning any Christmas gifts this year?

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