Thursday, 25 June 2015

Baby Love With Case-App

I'm ashamed to say I've turned into one of those annoying parents that takes a million photos a day of their baby doing the most mundane of things ** 'oh look she's pulling her poo face - lets take a picture' ** so when CaseApp messaged asking if I wanted to review another case there was no question who would feature on it.

I have previously been lucky enough to receive a product from them, but since changing phones it no longer fit so this was perfect timing.  The process of creating your own case was super easy, I chose the collage layout with 3 of my favourite pics of O.  

Now when people ask to see a picture (I'm sure it's just to humour me) I can just flip my phone round instead of scrolling through my thousands of pictures in the hope they don't catch a glimpse of the not so flattering post baby body pics I'm taking to keep tabs on the weight loss.

The lovely folks over at CaseApp are offering me the chance to give a cover away to some lucky duck, so keep your eyes on the blog in the next week.

And if you don't have a pet/baby/partner you love enough to grace your phone you can also choose some of their pre-made designs - I'm liking the look of the flamingos and watermelons to get me in the summer spirit.

Michelle x

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