Sunday, 21 June 2015

Getting rid of the baby belly with Exante Diet

I'm sure most new mums will sympathise with me over my struggle to rid the baby belly, I gained a healthy 35lb when pregnant, most of which dropped off within 2 weeks after giving birth but that final 10lbs refused to budge.  Fast forward to me having my post-natal check up and being given the all clear I decided it was time for me to take responsibly and do something about the baby pouch.  I joined Slimming World, which so far I have to say I'm loving, however after a couple of weeks off plan due to a family bereavement I needed to kick start my weight loss so I didn't feel a complete failure at weigh in.

Fortunately I was sent a package from Exante Diet to try just at the perfect moment.  The products are aimed at those who are following low calorie/meal replacement type diets, so I decided to adopt my own style of the 5:2 diet using the bits I was sent.  I stayed on plan for 5 days and then did 2 days of only 500 calories.

I have tried the 5:2 diet in the past and had positive results, however the hard part was trying to make snacks/meals that stayed below 500 calories, so with this in mind I have to say the Exante Diet products were perfect.  No need to weigh out or measure portions, just simple to make food.

My favourite from the samples I was sent were the Cherry & Almond Bar and the Tiramisu, both totally delicious and satisfied my sweet tooth.  I followed my 5:2 diet for 2 weeks and from the first weigh in I lost an amazing 4lb and I am waiting for this weeks weigh in to find out my newest loss!

I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to drop some weight ready for bikini season or just to speed up weight loss whilst following another diet.

Does anyone else have any positive diet stories to share, or any tips on how to tone up after giving birth?

Michelle x

TIP - if you have one, use a protein shaker ball when mixing the milkshakes to avoid lumps! 

 ** Products were sent to me to trial free of charge, all opinions however are my own.

*** Baby milk was not mine, don't be tempted to try it as a new diet fad as it tastes vile!

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