Thursday, 20 June 2013

Birthday bonanza

If you didn't know already, it was my birthday on Monday - a rubbish day I know!  This year I turned the grand old age of 27. I guess it's all relative, but now I am definitely starting to notice that I'm slightly older than most when I'm out and about, particularly on nights out - probably says more about the places I go to be honest.  Thankfully I live by the philosophy that you're as young as you feel, which means I'll be 21 for the foreseeable future.

This year was a little odd as my parents were away on holiday.  As a result I didn't see my dad on Father's day, either of my parents on their 33rd wedding anniversary or my birthday.  Thankfully modern technology meant that we were in touch with each other through texts etc. so it wasn't too bad.

It's definitely a thing in our family to arrange presents for that WOW effect!  My parents didn't let me down this year and left my presents laid out on the spare bed, which was crazily tempting.  However, I am rather finickity about opening presents before my birthday.  Although some may point out my parents gave me my denim jacket before my birthday in case I wanted to wear it, but evidently I didn't end up wearing it till the 17th anyway, when Michelle took me out for a rather scrummy lunch.

It was definitely odd waking up and opening my presents and cards on my own, yet after a bacon butty, washed down with some bubbles, I felt much better.  Also I had friends and family visit that day which meant I didn't really feel lonely at all.

I didn't get chance to photograph my presents as I freakishly like to open everything and put it away as soon as possible, but here is a round up in general terms, I got booze (Rose wine, Champagne, Rum and Vodka - clearly my friends and family know me well); clothes including several new tees, pyjamas, underwear, trainers and my denim jacket; chocolates in plentiful supply for my sweet tooth; aftershave and money/vouchers.  I was very lucky to receive such lovely presents, so thanks!

Overall this year I had a lovely birthday, received some great gifts and got to spend it with some lovely people.  Oh and I didn't take any pictures of myself on my birthday so I thought I'd include one from my very first birthday instead.  I got a grass gobbler in case you wondered ; p

Take care,

Neil x

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