Sunday, 16 June 2013


Last week I introduced Neil to a side of my life he had been sheltered from, the tattoo side.  His clean skin has never had the adrenaline rush the tattoo gun brings, but his voyeurism had lead him to watch copious episodes of LA/Miami Ink, so him coming with me for my new ink seemed like a good idea.

I travelled 2 hours to Derby to be tattooed by the amazing Vicky Morgan, a journey I would definitely make again.  I do tend to stick to a local artist but after following her for a while on Instagram I knew that I wanted a piece by Vicky, she definitely has a certain style that she does so well.

Luckily for me I have quite a high pain threshold so the actual process was fairy pain free, especially after some numbing spray was used after the outline had been done (that stuff is AMAZING).  Two hours later I had a gorgeous new owl, I've named Hooters :)

I've shown pictures of my new ink immediately after because at the moment it is going through the not so appealing scabby/swollen phase, I just can't wait till it's all healed and I can show him off with pride.

When asked why I picked an owl Neil promptly quipped "because she's a hoot" what a cutie!

What do you all think about tattoos and piercings? I love how there is such a clear divide between those who LOVE and those who HATE.

Michelle x

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