Friday, 21 June 2013

My Jean Paul Gaultier obsession

Not to be outdone by Michelle, I thought it only proper that I do a little post to accompany her 'My Marc Jacobs obsession' (see here), so here is my ode to Jean Paul Gaultier!

For as long as Michelle has known me I've always worn Jean Paul Gaultier  "Le Male"; I guess it would probably be my signature scent, and I often find it peculiar when other men wear it - who'd have the cheek to wear the same as me?  Although I have a few other options such as Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme, Clinique Happy for Men and Boss Bottled For Men (my new favourite) I will always class Jean Paul Gaultier as the best.

Personally I prefer a sweeter and lighter fragrance compared to something more intense like a musk, but I do require something that maintains throughout the day.  This is one reason why I tend to go for an Eau de Toilette if possible rather than an aftershave option.  The iconic "Le Male" blends together lavendar and vanilla notes to create a fragrance that is pleasant and distinct.

As you can see I've got a little collection of fragrances from Jean Paul Gaultier.  Like Michelle, I hardly ever seem to buy them for myself, but instead tend to be given them as Christmas presents or birthday gifts -  an advantage of have a birthday in June!

Here are three summer fragrances I own, the most recent of which my parents got me as a gift from their holiday.  I think these were all named "Le Male Summer" but were obviously released at different times.  Luckily these are all in the larger bottle size (125ml), which means they've lasted a long time.  To be honest I wear them only occasionally, but I like to have the option of a different fragrance that is different yet not too dissimilar.

Besides the summer fragrances I also have "Le Male", "Le Male" Terrible and "Le Beau Male".  Once again I simply feel it's nice to have options, but my go to fragrance is still "Le Male" which is just classic.

There is little more I can say about my love affair with Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances.  If you've never tried it I would recommend having a sniff as they're simply lush, but I do believe they smell differently on different people.

I'd implore you try "Le Male" as I feel it's a great addition to almost any guys collection, just don't stand to close to me whilst wearing it!  But if you're after another option similar to Jean Paul Gaultier "Le Male" I'd suggest Boss Bottled, which I adore!  I was given a massive 200ml bottle of it for Christmas when it was on sale at The Perfume Shop, which also offers 10% student discount I might add!

Let us know whether you have any particular fragrance preferences or obsessions like Michelle and I, that way we wont feel so odd!

Take care,

Neil x

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