Sunday, 2 June 2013

Summer shades

Well guys and gals the weather has finally been living up to the title of summer, and as a result I've had the perfect excuse to invest in a few more pairs of shades (not sunnies!)

As a sucker for classics I've fallen a little in love with the Wayfarer style and shape.  They're flattering on practically everyone and have been a key trend of late.  Unfortunately I couldn't justify a pair of Ray-Ban shades so I picked up a collection of cheap alternatives from Primark, which I bought for either a £1.00 or £2.00 each - crazy right?

Well anyway here is a little round up what I've bought; I hope you like them!

This pair in a bright blue gloss add a pop of colour to any outfit!

A little different, these shades are in a matte finish with a black frame and contrasting blue arms, which for me makes them look that bit more chic.

A staple in any wardrobe should be a pair of black gloss Wayfarers.  What more do I need to say?

For a red hot summer I went for these vibrate red gloss shades.

A little more quirky are these multicoloured paint-splat effect shades, which add a fun factor to any outfit!

 Well that's my little collection of Primark shades.  Price wise they can't be beaten and they definitely add the finishing touch to any summer outfit, as well as being practical.

Take care,

Neil x

p.s. Oh and just to prove that I've always loved Wayfarers, here is a picture from the late 80s of me and my sister - always fashion forward clearly!!!


  1. I have the black with blue arms because they were SO cheap! My favourite glasses are a 50s style pair from primark last year fot 50p. I think I'll cry when they break.

    1. They are ultra cheap but also handy. I love having options so it's definitely a winner. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets too attached to my Primark finds. x