Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Marc Jacobs Obesession

Over mine and Neil's daily texts we brought up the discussion of how we both seem to stick to a certain brand of perfume/aftershave, his being Jean Paul Gautier and mine being Marc Jacobs.  This new obsession is only a recent thing, I've had Daisy for a while but always fell behind my go to faves Lancome Hypnose and Vera Wang Princess, however recently this has all changed.  Not only does MJ do the most amazing bottle designs that look fantastic alongside my other dressing table necessities but the different scents have really stepped up.  I tend to go for very feminine and sweet scents and all of these fit the bill perfectly, the 2 new summer versions are very similar however the Daisy Eau So Fresh (taller one)is slightly lighter and is better for day to day wear.  You may be looking at these thinking I spend too much on perfume but fortunately for my bank balance these are either gifts or purchased at Duty Free, however if you're looking for a good deal Fragrance Direct have them at competitive prices.

Since my birthday is coming up I've also done a little wish list of my favourites I've run out of, and also another Marc Jacobs fragrance I've not yet got.  ** HINT HINT COUGH COUGH **

Michelle xx

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