Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Chocolate heaven

Well today was a rather fun day.  Michelle and I had decided to have a lunch date this week, but we were a little stuck for options.  Locally there are a couple of places, but it's not as fun going to the same places over and over - variety is the spice of life after all.  Thankfully I had something in mind, and came up with the idea of visiting Slattery's, which is a lovely patissier and chocolatier located in Bury, Manchester.  If you're an avid follower of the blog you may remember that I've mentioned Slattery's before (see here).  Actually what I mean is I've been once before, but it was so good I knew I'd have to go back!

Anyway I suggested it to Michelle and she thought it was a good idea.  I rang yesterday to book in for today as it gets rather busy, especially at lunch time.  It's only a short drive, say 15 to 20 minutes, from my house which is good.  However, I'd foolishly forgotten how packed the car park gets; to make things worse they're building some sort of extension so there are fewer spaces - I noticed this after I'd pulled in, grrrr!  There were signs that said a temporary car park had been set up near the health centre, only a short distance further down the road, so we headed there and thankfully there was plenty of room.

As expected the dining room was full of lunchtime visitors, and we had to wait a minute or two just while our table was cleaned, but that was all.  The staff are really pleasant and made sure we felt comfortable, which I personally feel makes a big difference to your dining experience.

Michelle decided to have a spicy chicken ciabatta, which came with a side salad and some lightly spiced potato wedges.  (Please note how much better my photo is!  I think she takes bad ones of me on purpose to make herself look better - yes I said it!)

I opted for a simple cheese and ham toasted sandwich, and I ordered an extra portion of wedges to go with it - I forgot how generous the portions were.

We decided to go for actions shots - that's what cool people do *wink* - but I obviously look a little like a lizard with my tongue out.

Michelle's second attempt to take a nice picture or me - is it better?  At least I'm smiling, which is something.  Maybe next time she'll manage to get the whole of my head in - no jokes about the size of me head missy!

Although the food was lovely I ended up leaving some wedges and the salad - vegetables scare me.  However, I still believe one day I'll get to the point where me and veggies will get along... we're some way off yet.

For dessert we both opted for the wicked chocolate sample platter (that's the first picture).  There were four individual chocolate desserts accompanied by two chocolate cups; one contained whipped cream and the other chocolate sauce of your choosing: dark, milk or white chocolate.  To say were were beaten is an understatement.  As a self diagnosed chocoholic I thought it would be a breeze, but with such a large lunch on top it was just too much; Michelle was pathetic.  On the plus side the lovely staff gave us boxes to take what was left home - yum!  Price wise it was quite affordable and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Well that about wraps up our lunch date.  We had a fab time and I'm sure we'll be heading back again.  Oh, and be sure to have a nosey at the downstairs shop and showroom - it is amazing!

Take care,

Neil x

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