Sunday, 7 July 2013

FABB Manchester

So Neil and I attended our first blogging event this weekend, arranged by FABB Events it was situated within our favourite part of Manchester, the Northern Quarter. Luckily for us we know this area well so we knew the best places to go for a pre-blogger drink. We decided on Thomas Bar for some Dutch courage in the form of Rose Wine. Despite us knowing our way around we still go a bit lost finding the venue, but we made it in the end. 

I'm sorry to say we didn't take any photos during the actual event, I had high hopes for myself but in the end the heat and shyness took its toll and we ended up with an empty memory card. We however met some lovely people, and despite us being slightly apprehensive as we didn't know anyone and people already seemed to have their own little groups we tried our best to socialise. The event had some lovely brands promoting themselves, a personal favourite was La Moda (will be doing a separate post on them later on though) but the rest were all informative and friendly. All the brands also gave us products and goody bags too, which of course went down well - poor Neil didn't get many male options but I'm sure his sister and mum won't mind helping themselves to his leftovers. 

Other Bloggers who attended may notice I've missed out the Jelly Button goody bag in my photo, this is because I made it and decided to give the spare one that was in my bag to an adorable waitress we later talked to in Terrace NQ, where Neil satisfied his hunger with the most delicious looking burger ever (I'm trying to avoid wheat so supped my wine instead.) 

Dodge photobombed so decided to make her a feature ;)

So despite spending the day awkwardly swishing my giant swing dress to create a breeze in the stiffling basement room I had a FABB (hehe get it??) time, and am already looking forward to my next event. This leads on to the idea that I want to arrange some sort of meal/drink/meet up for some local bloggers... if anyone wants to help me or is already sorting one let me know! 

If you were there what did you think of the event? Did you spot myself and Neil, and did you take any sneaky photos of us?

 Michelle x

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