Monday, 8 July 2013

Pug Life

I decided to make the most out of this glorious weather by treating Dodge to a trip to Heaton Park.  Anyone who isn't from the North West this is a ginormous park that has separate sections such as a Boating Lake and Animal Farm, and regularly hosts big events such as Parklife.  

Poor Dodge could only last about an hour due to the heat and she kept slumping in the shade needing a rest, much to the annoyance of the local animals who weren't impressed with her grunting/panting.

To finish off the little trip I had an ice-cream and got Dodge a water - if anyone from Heaton Park reads this a few bowls of water scattered about would have gone down a treat!

(Don't worry the pigeon feathers had nothing to do with Dodge - wasn't her helping herself to a bit of lunch)

Does anyone in the Manchester area have any suggestions of local dog friendly parks? Have you been to Heaton Park recently?

Michelle x

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