Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Lookin' Fresh... Prince?

"In West Philadelphia born and raised..." - if you didn't start singing along there's something wrong with you ; p

Anyway, it could be said that Michelle and I kind of love a themed party.  We always seem to make an extra effort, especially at Pop Bubble Rock (PBR) nights where we like to get dressed up, have a drink and bust a move.  Previously we've attended Prom, Pirate and School Disco themed nights.

This time the theme was 'Will Smith is F***ing Awesome' - excuse the language - and that's pretty much all I need to say.  Michelle decided that this theme was a little out of her reach and instead decided to just style it out with her amazing Batman dress from Vintage by Cupcake.

Michelle and our friend Schmidt! 

I got a little too excited, and as luck would have it I'd picked out a tee from Tompan for my birthday that I knew would be perfect for a Fresh Prince inspired look.  I also saw a snapback cap in Primark that added the finishing touch.  Oh and for accessories I wore my new Disney watch and some glow sticks - yes they are COOL!

Me, Michelle and our friend Spanky.

The night was definitely fun and I certainly enjoyed myself - as you can clearly see.

Me partying hard with my friend the Beaver!

Neil x

Photos accredited to Emma Hand of Ebony Holden Photography and PBR Manchester.

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