Wednesday, 14 August 2013

96 Clothing

Supporting small and independent businesses is something we all neglect, and as a small business owner myself I know how difficult it is to establish a brand and make your business a success.  So, when I was sent over a fab tee from 96 Clothing I thought it'd be good to highlight this new up and comer.

96 Clothing is a fledgling brand that was devised by student Tom Pitman.  The brand name is actually the year Tom was born - gosh I feel old, although what's 10 years really?  And the iconic 96 logo is definitely a clever touch.

The original 96 Clothing tees, which are almost sold out, are available in black, blue and grey.  The simple design is definitely a statement.

The tee I'm wearing is from the current Live Life Now range and is currently available in sizes small to extra large.  The t-shirt itself is made of good quality, durable cotton and is comfortable to wear.

The design is clear and bold, which definitely makes it a statement piece.  At a £7.99 price point these t-shirts are very affordable, and for something you definitely wont find on the high street this has to be a steal, right?

The second design from the range, Live Life Now #2 (shown above), has also just recently been released.

If you're a Wrexham local you'll also be able to check out their wares at Wrexfest on 24th August, hosted by Change Wrexham For Our Future.  For further information regarding upcoming events be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Ultimately if you fancy something a little different and would like to support a new independent clothing brand on the rise, head over to 96 Clothing NOW and check it out!

Neil x

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