Thursday, 1 August 2013

Pickin' & Mixin' with Cable & Cotton

Last week I was the happy recipient of some adorable pick and mix string lights from Cable & Cotton so it has spurred me on to do a post showing my living room.

Ive shown my studio before and as you will see the style I stick to for my jewellery and Cherry Rainbow follows me into every aspect of my life. My favourite colours combined are grey/pink/blue so these were the colours I chose for my string lights, I didn't realise until after that these colours would match perfectly for my stall when I do craft fairs too! 

I think I will order myself a couple more sets as I think they would look great in every room, maybe a Christmas themed set to display on my Manchester Market stall. 

Lights C/O Cable & Cotton, Cushions - Cherry Rainbow, Dolls House - Made by Grandad Dady, Plush Taxidermy - Etsy, Illustration of Dodge & I - Kathryn Wilkins

Have you checked out the Cable & Cotton site? Which colours would you go for?  

A big thank you to Dodge for once again popping into my pictures - she loves the camera!

Michelle x

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