Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Shelf DIY - Jelly Button Style

I'm sure most of you won't be surprised to know that my craftiness doesn't stop at just my businesses; it also runs through into my day to day life so I thought I would show you how to create some fun and useful little shelves.

Shelf - Ikea, Paint - B&Q, Glue - Hobbycraft, Buttons -  Own

As space is limited in my small studio I make the most out of shelving units, so when I spotted the spice racks in Ikea for a measley £3 I knew I could do with that little bit extra room.  Rather than use them to home mixed spices and herbs I use mine to stack the little extra bits I need to hand when packaging up orders.

You could always keep these the way they are sold, but that's to mundane and normal for me so I gave mine a Jelly Button revamp.  All it takes is a pot or two of the sample size paints, I got mine from B & Q a while ago but I think they were £1 each, or you could always use any leftover paint you have lying around.  Next is PVA, again it's really obvious but due to the shelves being wood it just soaks it right up and helps it bond really strong.  On one of my shelves I used random buttons I had lying around; if you don't already start collecting all the spare buttons from clothes in a little tub - you have no idea how often you can use them! On the other I used some ribbon (printed with the Jelly Button logo of course) and again this was stuck with some PVA.  You might notice I used some of my sample decorations too, instead of these take a look around and see what you have to brighten them up - old toys, broken jewellery, beads etc.

And there you have it, some new cute and super cheap shelves.

Michelle x

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