Monday, 5 August 2013


Now I'm sure this may come as a surprise, it did to me, but these are the first pair of Converse I've ever owned... I think?  It was strange when I tried to think back, but my earliest memories of trainers were buying them in the supermarket and the great glee I had with ones that lit up.  From there I traversed the fine line between street style and scally; I always opted for classic white trainers, and I still to this day feel a little nostalgic when I see a pair of Adidas Stan Smith trainers with the green trim.

Anyway, I was after some new trainers and my sister offered to buy me some for my birthday.  I'd needed to replace my trainers for a while now and I bought two plain pairs from Burton's in black and white (they're more cream if you ask me), and so I decided to go for a different colour of Converse.

These All Star maroon canvas Converse were definitely a winner.  I've added a few new maroon/ox blood/burgundy pieces to my wardrobe of late and it seems this colour pallet has withstood the summer in style.

I have to say it was a right pain to find a pair in a size 6 - the problem with tiny feet - but after failed attempts in both Manchester Topman stores we thankfully we picked some up in Office.

I hope you like them as much as I do!  Anyone else rockin' their Converse of late?

Neil x


  1. I have always loved Converse :P
    Congratulations with getting your
    first pair! The color is very NICE!