Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Afternoon Tea

Well it's just a quick post today so you'll have to excuse me.  The other week my mum, sister and I headed off to Manchester for afternoon tea at Cloud 23.  If you're a regular reader you'll know I've been before with Michelle and since then my mum has been hinting, and not subtly I might add, that she'd love to go, so we decided to treat her for her birthday.

We opted for champagne afternoon tea, which if you're going to spoil yourself only seems right.

There was a selection of scrummy things to eat; although I was devastated that there were no ham sandwiches - as a fussy eater the savour selection was an issue - but the sweets sure made up for it!

When the waiter seated us he asked us whether we were celebrating anything special and we told him it was for Mum's birthday.  We didn't realise, however, this was a rouse and that he'd come back with a special birthday plate for her, with chocolates and fresh fruit.

We had to have the obligatory family snap; thankfully the waiter offered before we asked - clearly he must get it all the time!

To finish off our Hilton experience we had a few cocktails from the drinks menu.

Here's a final snap of me with my Hemingway Special Daiquiri a.k.a rocket fuel!

Neil x

p.s. Excuse the picture quality, we tried to be discrete using our phones.


  1. looks like a lovely place to go for a chilled out afternoon! x

    DIY Beauty Box - perfect for Birthday Gifts!

    1. It's definitely somewhere to check out if you're ever in Manchester. Although as it's not cheap we stick to only going on special occasions. x