Saturday, 10 August 2013

Mankind: Proraso Review

Recently I was sent a few things to test out for the mens beauty and grooming site and these are the first things I've tried.

 Mankind sells a small selection of Prosaso products.  Prosaso is an Italian brand that offers a range of shaving and skin care products.  I was sent two products to test out, including a shaving cream and razor cut gel.

The shaving cream can be applied by either being lathered up in wet hands or using a shaving brush.  As someone who doesn't actually own a shaving brush I went for the first option.  The cream itself lathered well and it took only a small amount to cover the shaving area.  It made for a good, close shave and the added eucalyptus and menthol left my face feeling clean and fresh.

The Gel Riparatore (Razor Cut Gel) is a little bit of a revelation.  It's not often I catch myself when shaving but when I do it's a bloody pain, no pun intended, and that is where this little product comes in handy.  A small amount will stop bleeding from any minor nicks and cuts, which is great.  However, be sure not to mix it up with your aftershave gel which I foolishly did - EPIC FAIL -  and only noticed when I had smeared a large amount of the glue like substance across a vast section of my face *hangs head in shame*.

Overall I quite liked the products and the respective price points seem very affordable.  Also for those who are accident prone, or even for the occasional nick, the Gel Riparatore is definitely something to invest in and keep in your bathroom cabinet.

Neil x

p.s. Keep your eyes peeled for my second Mankind review coming up soon, where I review some Alvarez Gomez products!

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