Monday, 21 January 2013


It would seem that the world is slowly turning in to a winter wonderland, which is the perfect excuse for me at least to stay at home, curl up and keep warm.  Perhaps it's also the perfect time for me to introduce myself.  My name is Neil and as you may know already I hold the privileged position of being Michelle's bestie!

We first met many moons ago when both of us where much younger and a little doe-eyed.  We worked together in a large, and rather well-known, department store.  Michelle worked on the shop floor and sadly I was but a lowly stockroom boy.  As fate would have it we also attended the same college; however, as Michelle is three months younger than me – a fact she points out regularly – she was in the year below me.

Unlike most friendships ours really began after a dreaded work's night out; since then we've been bosom buddies, which leads us nicely to our current predicament where I am now her business partner in Cherry Rainbow – that's right we've made it official!

As far as the business goes I know with Michelle on side it will undoubtably be a success, like most things she puts her mind to.  To be honest we all love a bit of kitsch, and I'm the same.  My favourite product picks of the moment have to be the card holders.  If you like me have ever visited London you'll know how essential an Oyster card holder is, and with retro styles and classic 80s/90s themes these card holders are a must!

Well I hope you've enjoyed my first post, which hopefully won't be my last.

Take care,

Neil x

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