Monday, 21 January 2013

It's a new dawn, it's a new day...

So as you may notice looking to the top of the header.... I am alone. Well in the business sense, my partner Christian decided to leave the business. It is a devastating loss as he not only is a fantastic web designer but a great person to work with. 
This left me with several dilemmas, do I keep the website I'm not very good at using or downgrade to a more simplistic Big Cartel store (like Jelly Button.) Well for now the decision is to keep the existing store open (it is now back working again) and there is a Lite store (on Big Cartel with minimal products to ensure even more people find the site)

 I now need to introduce the new other half to Cherry, my best friend Neil :) Anyone that follows on Instagram would have seen his face a million times before. Even before this happened I had decided on getting him a little present to show how much I love him, he has been a fantastic support with me through all the struggles recently, and here it is. I am intending to have it printed and framed but couldn't wait to show him in the meantime. If like me you prefer illustrations over photos I would completely recommend heading over to the blog of Kathryn Wilkins, she is a fantastic painter and love what she's done (I've already commissioned another pic of myself and my pug) 

Hope he likes :)

I will now let him introduce himself and jump into the crazy word of blogging and working with me

Michelle xx

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