Wednesday, 20 March 2013


As you have probably guessed, Michelle and I both love writing our blog, but we also enjoy reading blogs too.  Where she focuses on female fashion and beauty I like to follow a mix of male and female blogs.  To be honest the blogs I like best are those with a strong photographic element or are simply well written: the writer has an identifiable style.

Like most people I relied on Google Reader to keep track of my favourite blogs, which was great, but with the announcement that this service is to end on 1st July I have been looking for an alternative.  Although there are a few options out there I feel bloglovin' is the best, and it is the one that I've chosen to use.  One of the main advantages of bloglovin' is the fantastic app (see here) which is available for both iPhone and Android mobiles.  With it you can handily keep track of your favourite blogs whenever and wherever you are.

So be sure to share the love with a bit of bloglovin', it's definitely a winner. Oh, and don't forget to follow us too!

Take care,

Neil x

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