Thursday, 28 March 2013

CaseApp Winner & Studio Tour

So the winner for the amazing CaseApp iPhone cover is...

Kieran John

Wooooo, well done you! You have been contacted and can start thinking about what to have on your case! 

I thought it was about time I did a quick studio tour, think I did one on the old blog but not since I've had Cherry too.  So this is my lovely basement studio, as you can see I like anything cute and quirky.  You may think it doesn't look much like a studio, this is because I have lots and lots of storage to keep everything neat and in its place.

WillyMan Lamp and post ready to go.  Also notice the hidden box of Freddos, I keep them out of sight to stop me munching them all.

 My super comfy sofa, perfect for when I'm making something that doesn't require a desk (and has lots of hidden storage space underneath)

 My desk, it looks quite tidy here but I will let you in on a secret... it is never normally like this

My tiny bit of daylight, since it is in the basement I wouldn't know if it was day or night without this snippet into the outside world.

More storage, my computer, printers and of course my TV.  I have been known to work through the night so need this to keep me sane. As you can tell I was getting my dose of Corrie :)

Who says the admin and paperwork side of running a business should be boring, I like to keep my folders as bright as possible.

My teddy lamp from Urban Outfitters was a bit of a pricey treat at £80, but he is well worth it.

And finally even more storage and my semi finished sewing table hidden in the alcove.

Hope you liked the tour and if you weren't lucky enough to win this competition keep your eyes pealed for the next one, it's a biggie!

Michelle xx


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  2. Reaaaally cute studio you have
    there! I like the deco and the
    interior c:


    1. Thank you :) You wouldn't guess i was mid 20's looking at it but hey :) xx

  3. I am in love with that gorgeous couch!

  4. Your room looks great! :) x