Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday's top five... weekend bags for men

This year I finally invested in a weekend bag, which is something I desperately needed.  For far too long I'd been wheeling a small suitcase here and there, but that became a bit of an inconvenience especially when I was visiting friends in London: the tube is no place for a case!  On more than one occasion my case has gotten squashed in the barriers and/or kicked by busy commuters.  For those reasons I recommend everyone to invest in a weekend bag.  It makes you look that much more sophisticated and it is much easier to handle.
Based on that idea I've chosen my top five men's weekend bags/holdalls for under £50.  Hopefully these will give you idea of what's out there and what you can get for a reasonably small price.

I thought this would appeal to someone a little more sporty or with a street look.  I'm not normally a massive sportswear fan, but this bag looks stunning.  Made out a durable cotton canvas with leather look trims, it is both practical and fashionable.  In a muted grey, it would work with any outfit or ensemble.
This stylish bag has a simple and sleek look.  I find the bowling bag shape to be classic.  The bag is made of polyurethane, which means it's very practical as well.  Also the fact it has few frills should appeal to most men.  For me it looks quite striking in blue, which would show its owner to have a clear fashion edge.

With contrasting white detailing, this sporty holdall is a rather fun alternative to the weekender.  I love the detailing here such as the quilted effect and the rowing emblem, which all add to the character of this bag.  It would be a great accessory for someone who favours that preppy or colligate look.  Once again with a polyurethane exterior this bag is both practical and durable.  It's definitely a fun alternative.

A cheap and cheerful option, this brown leather look holdall has a distressed finish that gives it a vintage feel.  I particularly like the buckle detailing to the side of the bag with brushed gold finishings.  It's definitely a good option for someone after something very practical and not too expensive.  *Please note there is 25% off online today only using Voucher Codes promo code VCFF2052.
5. Black Large Holdall (£45.00) - River Island

Everything looks good in black, and this holdall from River Island is no exception.  It is a great statement piece that would go with any outfit.  There is little much to fault about this slick bag, and so all I'll say is it's practical and a great piece for any man.

I hope this guide helps and be sure to tell me what you think!

Neil x

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