Friday, 8 March 2013

Champagne Afternoon Tea?? That's how we roll!

So the other day Neil and I decided to experience how the other half live with a champagne lunch at Manchester's Cloud 23.  Situated on level 23 of Beetham Tower, this bar is more well known for its 3 month waiting list to sample the delicious but pricey cocktails, but they also do an afternoon tea menu (see here).

Lucikly for us there was a special promotion on where the champagne tea was only £22 (considering the cheapest glass of champers was £12 this was a great deal) so we put on our glad rags and pretended this was just a regular lunch for us.

We each had a glass of champagne; a collection of sandwiches, wraps, cakes; and I had a pot of tea to soak up the tipsy feeling the bubbles gave me.  The sandwiches included ham, some type of fish paste, and a cucumber/hummous wrap - now not to be a snob but they were just average.  Having the crusts removed and them cut into dainty triangles did make them more appealing but they were neither delicious nor disgusting.  The scone on the other hand was AMAZING, we smoothered them in clotted cream and rasberry jam, and it was well worth ruining my diet for.  The rest of the cakes were just 'nice' (hate that word but it sums up my indifferent opinion of them.)

Overall the atmosphere, champagne and company made it a perfect afternoon tea, and I would definately love to do it again.

I'm sure Neil will do a more in depth and well written review also.

Have a great weekend,

Michelle xx

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